rose, flower, sparking, wither, breakin free
For those of you that have been my blogging friends for a while, you all knew or knew off Swift Expression and her fierce blog and amazing Blogging Challenges. We all miss Tilda dearly and if anyone has communication with her please tell her I miss her and love her,

For those of you new bloggers you may not know of her and her blog. I wish you did but her blog is now closed down. If you go to my Trendsetter tab all those pages are a template of blog posts I have made for her last challenge before she left.

That was back in April. I wrote this farewell post back then and stated I wish to start a Writing Prompt Series in her honor and all the inspiration both in blogging and life she provided to us all.  You can read that post here or by clicking the link below.

Testament to how much she inspired me i nearly stopped blogging since she left. But, I’m back and I’m ready.

I wish to start this writing prompt series.

However, I’m well aware my following had dwindled down with active communication not consistent.  I don’t think , in the beginning at least that anyone will join in or many people will read and follow along a weekly writing prompt series.

So I’m changing this tribute series just a little bit. I’m making it a personal dedication to my wonderful Tilda. Swift Expression was just an adequate name. She really inspired and invoked creativity inside myself I didn’t even know I had. So, I owe it to her and to myself to harvest my inner creativity. For that I’m going to start a weekly blog post.  It will be to challenge myself to post ONCE a week even during my busiest times.  And really that’s what matters most. Going back to the basics of blogging for one’s own self. It what Tilda inspired in us all, opening us up to blog about our true inner feelings and to give us encouragement to explore then.

So it is only fair any writing series I start be in that honor, to write to explore one’s self.

So that’s what this weekly writing prompt thingy will be.

We all have slumps. We each have busy lives with lives off the computer that need our tending too and attention. So we all have a few days where it’s not convenient to blog. That’s how I slipped up in blogging. It was easy to get lost in the routine of life. Without my main inspiration of Swift Expression who would personally seek you out for your input. I felt a detachment from blogging. I felt there was no one to hold me accountable.

I’m changing that mindset. Starting now.

I’m getting back into blogging for MYSELF. My for peace of mind. Quell my emotions. For the joy of writing.

butterflies, freedom , flying, set free

Please stay Tuned for Part two of this where it would go into details of the writing prompt series itself. I’m thinking of calling it “Slump Day” . The post to help get you past your slump in blogging for that week. Wha cha think?

  1. Absolutely gorgeous rose…


    • Thank you! I found that image on google a ways back and used it for one of Swift Expressions Blog Challenges. So i found it appropriate to recycle it. The last image was part of a set of images I won from her Blogging Challenge from Shutter Shock.


  2. sethsnap says:

    Very nice of you Tasha. Although, I though I was your main inspiration. 😉 Glad to see you back and active. Hope all is well. And I miss her too.


  3. Horus says:

    Welcome back Tasha !


    • Thank you 🙂 I just have to figure out how to manage my blogging time and my reading time. I’m a all or nothing type of gal so it’s hard for me to divert my attention. I like to pick one thing and stick with it. A little compulsive I am lol.


      • Horus says:

        I dont see a problem.. when in your reading spree – keep reading as much as your heart feels like.. then you will automatically shift to the writing mode and keep writing.. and may be, if you feel so, save some as draft to be published when you are not so actively writing 😉


        • Your right! I’m so stubborn. Like today i published two posts. I could have easily scheduled one to be published tomorrow or later in the week but I was just to eager and published it anyways. I have over 20 drafts in my dashboard and some of them i haven’t the slightest clue as to what I was writing lol. I just need discipline, I’m hoping to work on that with a commitment to a weekly post on top of regular blogging. My end goal is to actually write a novel. I have my work cut out for me that’s for sure!


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