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I’m old. That’s what is my first thought when i think of going back to college.

Okay, okay 25 is NOT old. But, attending a college with frat boys and sorority  girls and freshmen trying to get upperclassman to buy them drinks? I don’t want to be around that. A lot of college kids are just that , college kids. Sometimes its more about the college LIFE then the college work.

Which is why i loved when i transferred to a community college. I took mostly afternoon and evening classes and my peers were ADULTS. They would work their 9 -5 and then trickle into class and put in more work. To really work and learn. That kind of crowd and maturity i adored so much! Study groups, study sessions and an overall interactive class room. It was encouraging and supportive and fun. I didn’t dread going to class and wasn’t afraid of not understanding because I knew the environment was supportive.

But i graduated that community college with an AA. SO i need to go back to school for a BA. Four year schools are different from community colleges. Even though I live in NY and most of the 4 years schools are less “college life” because they are commuting schools as well. Still, it’s different.  I went to one before i went to community college.

I just can’t see myself sitting in a room full of 20 year olds who are halfheartedly invested.

I’m at that part in life where I’m partly over it as well. I don’t want to go to school, pull all nighters to finish a report. I want to work. Really work. 40 hour work weeks with real paychecks. I’m ready to earn. ( my part-time retail job isn’t really earning). I’m ready to be independent. I’m ready to move on.

Yet still, part of me still longs for school.

I love to learn.

* This was in response to The Daily Post’s Daily Writing Prompt

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