I am easily amused and easily distracted. I am not medically diagnosed with A.D.D but for as long as I can remember I have had A.d.d. tendencies The funniest incident to depict my short attention and being distracted by something shiny is this:

It was several years ago, high school time. I went out to a diner with a friend. He has the same A.d.d. tendencies I do. We were seated in the back section of the diner. Next to a large party. During the holiday season. So there was lights and decorations all around. We kept trying to have a conversation but both of us would drift off mid sentence and stare at something shiny behind the others head. It wasn’t until the end of the meal did we realize we hardly spoke and seemingly stared off into space for the whole hour.

When I go to discount stores/ dollar stores it is like A.D.D. heaven. Random things, random sparkles throughout the whole store.  For about a week and a half I have needed nail polish remover. I went to the dollar store at least 3 or 4 times. I left with a bag of random unrelated items. Never picking up the nail polish remover.

My latest trip, i at least returned with stuff i can use…  a packet of hangers, a lint roller and dollar store brand febreze. Oh an a plush toy for my dog.

So, yesterday I went to the store of all discount stores. It’s a HUGE place. It’s not really local which is why I’ve never been. But, i seen a back to school flyer for them and they had shoes. Basic flat ballerina style shoes. Of course it will be cheap quality but they’re cute and I only need shoes for work. So I wanted cheap and comfy and several options to match my work outfits and shoes I don’t mind leaving in my work locker. So it was off to this huge discount store.

Like i said, it was A.d.d. overdrive. I picked up school supplies, appliances,  food items before i realized I’m not in school, don’t have my own kitchen to furnish and i just did food shopping yesterday. So i had to rein myself in and head downstairs to the shoe/ clothing department. Now, it’s easier for me to shop around clothes and shoes because I’m cheap as hell. I take one look at the price tag ( even in a discount store!) and say ” that can look pretty right there on the rack!”.

I ended up with two shoes. A  black one with a  little twist design and a beige suede looking one. I liked a bunch more but they were already on clearance so were sold out or didn’t have my size. They had a zebra print shoe I wanted so bad but it was two sizes to big! So sad!  SO i left the store with my two shoes, 4 cans of cat food( for a dollar!) and a big jar of Vaseline( it was a 1.79!) . Not too bad for my impulse a.d.d shopping don’t you think?

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