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So, Sunday I was working and it was a pretty busy retail day. While we really don’t have positions among us associates we have some that work more than others and some that take charge. I’m one of those( that take charge). So with the closing team I  had to work with I was mostly “in charge” on Sunday. I was talking with a co-worker and folding a million graphic tees ( seriously why don’t they just put these on hangers?!)

But, i didn’t mind too much. It was a nice night and we all were working well together.

I get volunteered by my friend to work on the third floor since our floor is mostly done. So after helping on the third fall i go to my supervisors and they tell me they want to speak to me on Monday.

I wasn’t nervous.  You get called into a chat for two reasons. One, if you have done something wrong and they are firing you or issuing you a write up. Two, if you are getting a promotion.

Not to sound arrogant , but i know i wasn’t getting written up or fired. So i was nervous but not anxious or upset. Was mostly nervous because the store leader( the boss’s boss) already rejected my application for the promotion I was out for ( they are opening up a new service/online department and I was referred to it by my bosses) but she nicked me as an applicant because my numbers weren’t as high as others( amount of orders and stuff like that) so i didnt know WHAT it was exactly they were going to ask of me.

So monday i go an hour before my shift ready to have this discussion whatever it may be. My two supervisors and former manager now a team leader ( HR basically) all told me to wait until I’m on the clock to have this discussion.

The nerves were getting to me and everyone was asking me why they wanted to talk to me. I had no idea.

So, they got busy and it was time to start my shift so i went to my section and went to work like normal. They paged me to come back up to talk to them not long thereafter.

So i troop back to the offices.

They buttered me up pretty good. Told me how i’m one of the most dependable and reliable workers they have every worked with and in  under a year I shined so bright. That i always exceed their expectations and I’m a star associate. So they offered to move me to a new section.

I work in Men’s Department and its a pretty big store in the mall so we have primary three sections for regular associates. We have three registers quads and we are broken up into sections by the quad we work. So I previously worked Young Men’s. My quad consists of all of young men name brands ( dc, vans, arizona, graphic tees) plus Big and Tall section, and sports and athletics sections.  It’s basically one side of the store. The other quad is the other side of the store with is all respective brands same as the quad in the front of the store.  So when we are assigned to our quad section our primary job is to customer assist and that means mostly being a ringer on the cash register but always working the floor and talking and retrieving things for the customers. We have to keep the quad table clear of all the clothes going back on the floor and carts too. So basically all day we multitask. In between of ringing up customers we assist them on the floor and then put stuff back on racks and tables and fix the racks and tables and displays. But what it mostly comes down too, we ring.  Cashing out the customers is basically what I do must. And I’ve grown to love it. I even started enjoying calling the credit center when a card is declined and helping customers get their affairs in order.

In fact the other day i called the credit center and it happened to be a new person on the end of the phone. I was telling him what to do. I was instructing him of the steps he is supposed to go through when I call . He was so thankful he started whispering” thank you so much for helping me through this its my first day and I was doing horrible! ”

So now, I was offered a new section all together. I would no longer be working in a quad. Instead I’m going into a specialist section. Levi’s Jeans. Levi’s , since its a national brand, has its own standards and quotas to adhere too. As a Levi’s expert we have to arrange and keep the displays in a predetermined by Levi’s order and mostly, we assist  the customers. I’m no longer required to be a “quad” person or fix the floor ( other than the Levi section) or do any put backs. Sure we are required to help ring if there is a line and when closing Levi’s does light helping like folding graphic tees but then its the quads job to put the tees back.

So that’s what I was offered. To work in Levi’s.

The thing is. I was offered this before. I turned it down. Twice. Although the job sounds easier, it’s actually alot more of a headache. We are stilled required to open up credit applications and place online orders and that’s already a struggle being a primary ringer. Now as a person never really on a register? Oh and the coupon a customer would receive for opening up a credit card doesnt even apply to Levi’s. SO you can’t even use getting a % off as a selling point.

Above all, your stuck in your little section. And your stuck with your co-workers. Stuck with them and their drama.

That’s why i always turned it down. I didn’t want to be in that drama filled environment.

But, what was on the table was guarantee hours and a dollar more pay.

So, i took it.

Tomorrow is my last day  working in my quad. Then Sunday i start video training for my new position.

I was just so excited because they hired new people and i was training the new kid . I literally was walking around and saying to my supervisors “who’s the new person?!! NOT MEEEE!!”

And now, I’m going to be the new person all over again.

And it’s never a good feeling when your bosses tell you ” don’t get caught up( in the drama)”.

But they said that’s why they want me there. They want me to be the peace keeper and example of what a Levi’s Expert is supposed to be. They want me to inspire others.

What it all comes down to, a promotion is a promotion. The worst that can happen is i get demoted back to my old position but they cant take away the perks already granted. So i would still retain the same rate of pay and guarantee hours. So, although it wasnt the promotion I WANTED it still is a good opportunity. I’m going to take it as an opportunity to grow and learn.  It’s a step up and a step up in the right direction which I’m thankful for

Under a year and I’m already moving up which is rare in the company.

I’ll own that store one day.. just you watch and see.