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The season is approaching!

It’s almost that time of year again…the holiday season. Working retail is always crazy but it’s about to turn into a madhouse with Black Friday fast approaching.

My job is playing around with dates and time. Right now they are on the path of opening on Thanksgiving  and staying open basically 24 hours straight.

Now, i wasn’t fazed by Black Friday last year, i had a stand to tend too and that was my job for the day. We opened at 6am and I worked that opening shift so i was out after working an 11 hour shift. Tiring, but not too bad.

This year I figured i would be put on a register since I’m one of the stronger and faster ringers. But. then i got promoted. I work in Levi’s now. So now, I’m worried,

Last year to decide the schedule for the Levi workers all the time slots where put into a hat and they had to pick that way. I guess since it’s only a few of us that’s the fair thing to do. But, getting the closing shift would be terrible. They stay late HOURS after , till 2 in the morning sometimes.

But, working on the floor during that chaos is a little nerve wrecking. However, it may not be too bad since its Levi’s and Levi’s never have sales, specials or discounted prices in our store. So, hopefully the crazies spend most of their time on the other side of the store.

Oh and I took Bianca to the vet yesterday. She a clean( 400 dollar) bill of health. However, they are worried about her knee. They told me she has a popping joint in her back legs and one of them is permanently popped out which will cause discomfort and arthritis as she gets older. They told me if she is experiencing pain they would have to do surgery.  They kept asking me if she favors any paws and if I ever see her limping.I honestly dont. She runs. She jumps. Now they have me SO worried. I am being so paranoid. Today I was watching her walk and i was positive she was walking funny. Everyone else said I’m imagining it she was walking normally. The vet watched her walk ( and jump, she kept jumping all over the vet room to get away from the needles lol). They said they didn’t see any sign of a  problem. So yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m being paranoid. Lol Poor doggie was so excited to go for a ride in the car. When we got out the car she was happily walking. As soon as we go to the corner of where the vet was she put her brakes on. All four paws to the ground  and just pulled against the leash. She would not walk, I had to carry her.  When i put her on the vet table in the examine room, she tired to fly. Lol. I swear. She looked at me and jumped and put her paws straight at me. I caught her, so she didn’t fall. But, all we seen was flashes of white fluff trying to jump everywhere.

When it was time for the shots. She stood still and let the vet’s assistance put her in a head lock and  took the first one. Then she looked around at me and my dad and then at the vet and saw the second one and she howled and started thrashing and crying.  It was equally heartbreaking and adorable at the same time.

And i’m sleepy. Sorry for the messy blog post. But, wanted to share and if I put it off I wouldn’t sit down and write later on. So, i figured better something than nothing right? Thanks for bearing with me during my blogging slumps. You all are amazing and the best followers in the world. All though I dont like and comment that much anymore i still read all posts in my reader so i’m pretty up to date with you all. I heart my blogging family. ❤



Like i said in my last post,  I did get a promotion. And the verdict is…

I love it!
I really do.

I love working in my Levi’s section. I’m becoming more knowledgeable and familiar with the merchandise. What i love most, no one tells me what to do.
I work independently. So, i do my job and i do it the best i can. I do it at my own pace and I don’t have to get involved with other people.  Sure, it’s alot more fun working in Levi’s. I get to talk with my co-workers and socialize a bit more.  But, i get to be in my head space alot more too.

Even now others look down at retail workers. I don’t care WHAT my job is. If i am doing something I am going to work the hell out of it and do it the best I can. I have pride. I’m a very proud person. Sometimes a little too proud. But hey, even I am not perfect 😉

I believe in a strong work ethic. It’s key to my character and even when i try to slack off I just don’t have it inme, well at-least in the work environment.

Without that said, my supervisors like me a little too much. They are holding me to this higher than usual standard. Which is flattering and all and of course the person I am i hold myself to a higher standard. But, at the same time putting this unnecessary weight on my shoulders.

Oh and they are trying to make a snitch out of me. I’m sorry. I’m a New Yorker. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. I can’t do it.

That’s another thing getting me annoyed at work. I’ve been there almost a year and the “work politics” are starting to come to light.

Which makes me happy for my promotion. I’m not anti-social. But, i get to stay in the back of the store and fold and size my jeans and do my job.

What sucks about my promotion…the schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I love working the morning shifts and getting out and seeing daylight and PEOPLE. I am so thrilled to not working hours all over the place and not working closing every single night. But, it’s even harder to find a job when you work morning and mid shifts five days a week. And though I’m guarantee 25 hours, it’s still only 25 hours a week. And less flexible. It’s planned out in a way where there is always coverage in Levi’s.

Sooo. that changes plans ( about getting a second job) a bit.

BUT. Just have to come up with a new game plan is all.