Change of Plans

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Like i said in my last post,  I did get a promotion. And the verdict is…

I love it!
I really do.

I love working in my Levi’s section. I’m becoming more knowledgeable and familiar with the merchandise. What i love most, no one tells me what to do.
I work independently. So, i do my job and i do it the best i can. I do it at my own pace and I don’t have to get involved with other people.  Sure, it’s alot more fun working in Levi’s. I get to talk with my co-workers and socialize a bit more.  But, i get to be in my head space alot more too.

Even now others look down at retail workers. I don’t care WHAT my job is. If i am doing something I am going to work the hell out of it and do it the best I can. I have pride. I’m a very proud person. Sometimes a little too proud. But hey, even I am not perfect 😉

I believe in a strong work ethic. It’s key to my character and even when i try to slack off I just don’t have it inme, well at-least in the work environment.

Without that said, my supervisors like me a little too much. They are holding me to this higher than usual standard. Which is flattering and all and of course the person I am i hold myself to a higher standard. But, at the same time putting this unnecessary weight on my shoulders.

Oh and they are trying to make a snitch out of me. I’m sorry. I’m a New Yorker. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. I can’t do it.

That’s another thing getting me annoyed at work. I’ve been there almost a year and the “work politics” are starting to come to light.

Which makes me happy for my promotion. I’m not anti-social. But, i get to stay in the back of the store and fold and size my jeans and do my job.

What sucks about my promotion…the schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I love working the morning shifts and getting out and seeing daylight and PEOPLE. I am so thrilled to not working hours all over the place and not working closing every single night. But, it’s even harder to find a job when you work morning and mid shifts five days a week. And though I’m guarantee 25 hours, it’s still only 25 hours a week. And less flexible. It’s planned out in a way where there is always coverage in Levi’s.

Sooo. that changes plans ( about getting a second job) a bit.

BUT. Just have to come up with a new game plan is all.

  1. Cheri says:

    Congrats Tasha!!!


  2. Katie Renee says:

    I’m so glad that you are loving the promotion! Everything is coming together, slowly but surely. 😀


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