Every year for as long as I can remember Novermber has the month of writing. National Novel Writing Month aka Nanowrimo ( and you’ve probably seen all kinds of abbreviations for it nano writing, nanomo  etc etc) Every year, i say I will join in and every year I never do.  It’s on my bucket list.

But, being a writer and avid reader it’s something that makes me happy. To see my social networking and forums and just the internet a buzzing with frantic people in creative overdrive. Every year. I know of published achieved authors that use Nanowrimo to fast draft their books and even use the process of writing for nanowrimo throughout the year to fast draft manuscripts.

So while it is something I do wish to officially part take in one day. This year, for the first time, I saw a blogging version of this.


National Blog Writing Month. Instead of having a word count each day, you post a blog post everyday for the whole month.


So now, not only is my social networking and forums sites going off all this month, my blog apparently is too.

I do admit there is an appeal to it. Maybe I’ll jump into the challenge late in the game. I have been needing a dire kick of motivation to get back into the game. Maybe this is it.

  1. I must admit NaNoWriMo has been useful for me to get off my arse and write. No, I’m not writing a novel but it’s helped kick-start some of my blog posts. It’s good to have a push sometimes.


  2. Cheri says:

    Tasha just do it babe! I am doing it on top of my regular work load and yeh it is hard and I am unsure where or how I am finding the extra time, but it will make you a better blogger and writer just for the mere act of being committed to a project.


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