So Much Fur

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Yup. It’s that time of the year again. My dog is shedding. Hell, the other day i brushed her and had a fur ball the size of her.  Usually, the shedding doesn’t bother me. But, this time around I have a dress code at work. My work pants  are 1) black and 2) extra clingy to dog hair and lint.  I seriously lint roll my self for up to 5 mins, from head to toe before I walk out the door. Which isn’t a big deal really. But, Bianca is the type of the dog ( and i love her for it) that will try to prevent you from leaving and you have to coddle her before leaving. Which kind of defeats the purpose of lint rolling for five minutes.

So, what i have to do is run out the door. Literally. After i put the lint roller down  i literally have to grab my purse and high tail it for the door. Only problem, my dog thinks I’m playing with her. So it makes her run faster.

Endless cycle of fur. Hey, atleast I’m getting in some exercise.

This is my furry beast, picture taken a few days ago. She is about halfway through shedding. Her summer coat is about twice this size, so much fluffier. Her winter coat she kepts a fluffy mame( though no where near as fluffy as her summer coat) and  her body has two coats, one fine short hair coat that completely lines her skin and then a second longer haired coat that is coarser.  She had a bath today and that helped alot. I would say she is about 80% done shedding. But still, even with the bath and a couple of brushes  today  fur is still all over the place. We are at the stage of shedding where the fur has won and we have been defeated.  It has taken over .

And you know, the vet said she was a pound over weight.  I’m beginning to wonder if that pound consisted of fur weight.


  1. Katie Renee says:

    Awww…. look at that face! :3


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