What Peace Looks Like (October B4Peace Post)

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Because I’m lazy here is a copy and pasted prompt  for October’s B4 Peace Post directly taken from Kozo’s page

Let’s visualize what a peaceful world will look like. For this month’s peace challenge, I challenge you to publish what your dream of peace looks like. Here are a few prompts. Feel free to use one or create your own.

  • With as much detail as possible, describe a day in a world full of peace.
  • What would the radio, internet, television sound/look like in a peaceful world?
  • Pick a spot in the world today that has conflict and re-vision this area as peaceful.
  • What would all the people who are in active duty to conflict do if we had world peace? How would we alter our spending, resources, and brain power if we didn’t have to worry about war?
  • Describe the world you want your children to live in. How would they feel? What would they be doing and with whom?
  • Pretend you are the only one living who remembers a world without peace. How would you describe how grateful you are to be living in a peaceful world?


Growing up others always called me an hippy. It was category i grew to feel proud to be labeled as. I genuinely was a caring and kind person.  I really and truly desired a world without war and living everyday without crime or attacks or dangers. I grew up wishing we all could just hold hands and get along.

With age, ( I know I’m only 25 but it’s been a rock road for me) it’s more a world with feeling I desire. For me, a world with peace wouldn’t look like anything. It would feel like something.

If we lived in a peaceful world, i imagine everyone being happy and kind all the time without doubt and suspicions and selfishness driving them.

If you have kids, imagine sending your kids off to school and feeling happy about it. Without worry of your kids being harassed or bullied. Without worrying of your child feeling inadequate and compared to the other kids. Without fear a child will bring a gun into the school and steal many young lives. Imagine every child being loved and cared for and unafraid.  Imagine without that fear and worry how happy and how much we can all thrive.

Imagine politics didn’t run the workplace. Just honest hard work and work ethic. Imagine people look at you and the work you produce and say thank you good job. A world with peace with provide that feeling.

A world without peace robs us of a sense of security. Without that security we turn selfish and cold and uncaring towards other and their plights. Instead of helping each other we trample each other to carve out a bigger slice for ourselves and our immediate families.

If we didn’t live by fear and doubt and worry, the whole world would be a big family. We wouldn’t mind “getting involved” when someone is being mistreated or harmed. We wouldn’t if a man loves another man or a woman loves another woman . It wouldn’t matter if you are a male or female or the color of your skin. We all would help each other, care about each other and help each other prosper.

A world with peace would be a world with feelings. Positives feelings. A world with peace doesn’t necessarily look like anything to me. I just imagine feeling a lot more thankful and happy and proud to be part of it all.

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