Breaking Up The Band

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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It’s been awhile since I wrote a post about work.  A little recap and then update.

So, I work in a “shop”. I work in Men’s Levi’s Shop. I’m a Levi’s Expert. Yeah , i fold jeans and size them all day long. Nothing fancy. But, I enjoy it so much. The 8 of us that work in Levi’s are  a team. We essentially take care of all stock and organization and pricing on top of customer assistance, ringing and maintaining visuals. To put it into perspective, the rest of the store has their own pricing team, has their own visual team, that work overnight or early morning and takes care of all that stuff before or after the store opens. They have people to restock and replenish the floor after hours. When there is a new layout it’s those people that do it. All associates are responsible for folding and fixing during business hours and return anything that  may need to go there. However, in Levi’s we do it all ourselves. No other employee steps foot into Levis or our stock room. Basically, we are running as a self sufficient department.

So today half of us were working, 4 of us. We get pulled off the floor and taken into the office for a meeting.

They’re breaking up the band.

They are disbanding “shops” therefore Levi’s will no longer be run as a solidarity department. The way it is now, the 8 of us have very meticulous schedules to provide coverage throughout the day everyday. However, now the 8 of us will be looked at as regular men’s associates and spread out throughout the department. They told us they will schedule some of us as “zoners” to tend to the area but we aren’t to be in that area at all times. We have to work the floor, the corresponding quad.

It’s going to suck because I’m going to be one of the zoners. So basically I have to maintain the whole Levi’s section, ring, help the corresponding area all the while maintain fixing and folding the stock and shelves and displays. And, i just know the overnight stock and replenishment teams aren’t going to touch Levi’s so basically the Levi’s “zoners” will be doing the same thing we do now( plus more with the corresponding area) but with half the staff to get it all done.

It’s stupid and a bad idea. It’s politics because we have certain perks being a sub- department of Mens.

That’s another thing, I can take my meal hour and break anytime I want too. No one is clocking me, no one is waiting on me, I dont have to wait for anymore. It’s alot of freedom. So to go back to be stuck waiting for someone that’s taking the scenic route back kind of really sucks.

Changes are happening within the company. We are having a new store manager so it’s to be expected. But, it’s sad to see some of these changes.

I’m just venting a bit and I’m losing focus in this post so I’ll wrap it up. I work retail. I’m not saving the world. But, I have alot of pride. I work in Levi’s and i redo the whole section and it looks pretty damn pretty. I sell a shit ton of jeans and I’m always happy to give a customer exactly what they’re looking for. It’s satisfying to be able to go over to a certain stand and pull a size in under 20 seconds. It’s satisfying when someone walks by and says oh how amazing this place looks. Add in my co-workers that provide great company. Yeah, I’m sad to see it go.

A new day, a new adventure right? I was told this week the changes would start taking affect  but next week our department listing has already changed. No more Levi’s Department.  By the way it’s supposed to be all under wraps for a few days. So tonight I was working closing and another supervisor from Women’s Department was covering the floor and she doesn’t like Men’s Levi’s workers for some reason or another. So tonight she was throwing jabs at us. She would call “hey Levi’s can you fix this wall over here. Oh i have to stop calling you Levi’s hehehe” At least a couple of times she did this.  Eye roll. We took it in stride though and all the makeshift work she found we finished in under 5 mins each time. She was trying to make us stay late because Levis can technically leave when Levi’s is done being fixed and all the customers are out of the store. So she was making us stay late on the last official night of officially being Levi’s. But, we were experts for a reason, we work well and we work fast. We still were the firsts one off the floor even after doing all the random work.

So i guess I just want to say my goodbyes to Levi’s as a shop. I  only went to Levi’s for the promotion, more pay and steady hours. I went there unhappily and after being recruited for months. Even if I’m still a zoner and working with those jeans, I’ll be the shop days I’ll remember. Working there with the people I worked with really made me grow as a person, a leader to take charge. It tested my work ethic and strengthen it. My co-workers would have to chase me off the floor to take my breaks. We all went through so much judgement and pressure from management and we did it with everyone talking behind our backs and screaming in our faces. Yet we still sold the shit outta of those jeans.

I’ll just use this as a reminder, this is a job… not a career.

  1. sethsnap says:

    Sorry 😦 maybe something better will come out of this.


  2. goldfish says:

    Being a zoner doesn’t sound fun. I pretty much exclusively wear Levi’s, but I rarely buy them new.


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