So I live in NY and we had a snow storm.

My dog, Bianca, is a princess and when her paws gets wet she lifts it up and looks at me like “Ma, I’m sullying my fur . This is far beneath me”.

Since i first got her I bought her booties. She hated them. She refused to take a step. I figured since she would not walk outside today I would give it another try.


Lol, poor doggie. She still doesn’t like them. She took a few steps and just swung her legs up and down it was the funniest thing I have ever saw. SO, no to the booties 😦

She was camera shy today but here are a few pictures from our outside adventures.




  1. Crystal R. says:

    my Peanut acts the same exact way, but he actually throws all his weight so that we can’t move him any further. it’s very frustrating how much he doesn’t like his paws wet. we end up dragging him all over the place and, well, it doesn’t look good to the public haha


    • Lol! I know what you mean. When Bianca doesnt want to walk anymore she puts the breaks on all four paws and pulls against the leash. And we have to pull her but she twists her head and sometimes even slips out of the leash. But it looks like were torturing the poor dog.


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