More Snow

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So, it’s snowing in my parts of the woods. I love the snow. I don’t mind tromping around in it, traveling in it. But, I’m still sick. Most of it has passed I just have a general “tired” feeling and a lingering cough. But, I’m supposed to work today 5pm-10pm. But with this snow public transportation is going to be a nightmare. Waiting over an hour for a bus that never comes, in the snow still falling? Plus, having to work the opening shift tomorrow? Yeah. I’m good. Called out of work today. It hurts to do so but if i relapse into being fully sick again it will hurt even more so. So. Snow Day!

Took Bianca out to play in the snow/walk. Here’s pictures of our adventures. As always ignore the time stamp. Ancient camera can’t get it to change.


She didnt know where to walk so walked up to me feet


She was so curious just looking around non stop


She just jumped into a pile of snow trying to get to her favorite pee spot and then ran back to me because she was up to her neck in snow lol


She thought there was another dog outside and she literally kept walking in circles following her own paw prints lol


Searching and Searching for the “other dog” lol


Still searching


She got sad she couldn’t find the “other dog” and started walking in the street. She looks miserable in this picture but i promise you she was yanking me to walk. And doesn’t she look raccoon-ish in this picture?


She is confused. Doesn’t know which way is what. This is the middle of the street lol.


I can only imagine what the view from her height must be like. She probably just sees a vast grayness.


Still trying to “see”


Found something!


Realizing she didn’t “find”anything


And the look of utter sadness at her realization.

P.s. She is now dried off and nice and warm cuddling on my dad’s bed in the living room munching on a doggy treat. I don’t torture her for these pictures. I just randomly click as she pulls me along hoping for a good shot lol.


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