I’m an Adult

Posted: February 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So, yesterday I came home from work and noticed a letter sitting on the table where i usually dump my purse when I walk in. It was from my job. Curious I opened it right away.

Apparently, I’ve been automatically enrolled in my job’s 401k Savings Plan.

They’ve sent me notices before, all the benefits is through a specific company and I’ve received letters from them before about enrollment dates and such. But, it was never actually applicable to me.

I work part time. Almost all my job has to offer is for full time associates.

So, I hop on the computer and checked my pay stub ( Payday is today, but stubs are available for viewing a few days prior) and saw a new deduction along with the regular tax deductions and the charity they suckered me into donating for each check.

At first I was mad. Who the hell okay-ed taking my little bit of money?

So i immediately log on to the benefit website and saw in clear fact I was automatically enrolled and so all the dates of when contributions would start and yadda yadda. So i mellowed out. I started browsing around my “account” and I laughed at the pathetic amount of the contribution, basically 20 bucks from my check and the company matched 9 bucks.

I log off everything and went about my night. Work was hell-ish and i fell asleep pretty earlier.

This morning when I woke up I spoke to the hubby about it and asked him if I should keep it. He said yeah.

So I’m going to have a chat with management tomorrow about it because I’m unfamiliar with this stuff. Apparently I have stock options as well and there is so many different plans.

I told my dad about it and then as I was walking away and had a startling revelation…

I’m an Adult.

Those that know me , already know my story. Straight out of high school went to college. Dropped out for a semester. Went back to a two year community college. Sure I had internships and projects and volunteer work, but never a real job. The plan was to work and get some experience under my belt and then go back for my BA and Master and whatever else I wanted to do in academia.

But then… life. My dad got sick. I forfeited my future plans to be his caretaker. Then my hubby got sick. And for a little over a year and half that was my life. Treatment center, hospitalizations, Medicaid offices, Paperwork ( seriously you have no idea how much paperwork is involved when illness occurs) and just general tending house. Everything had to be spotless and clean and hazardous free ( ha, you should see my house now, clutter all over the place). And of course meds had to be managed and my boys fed.

So, that was life. I started my retail job a year and 3 months ago. The boys were healthy enough to not starve to death or tear the house down in my absence. But my retail working hasnt exactly felt like a job. It was just work. Definitely no where near a career. I mean when i first started I was basically working to afford to go to work. My check barely had anything to spare after traveling and lunch expenses.Now, i get to go about my days more comfortably. But everything is meticulously planned and accounted for.

So there’s never been that accomplished feeling. Never had that I’m independent feeling ( especially since it’s my mother’s house and though we do give her money we pick and choose what to give her and when).

Though I’m 25 years old, I never had that omg I’m an adult feeling.

Until this morning when I realized I have a 401k.


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