Adult Adventures

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Adult Adventures continues. I did my own taxes.

So minute to some. But, to me, it was such a shock. Granted, my taxes are basic. I don’t own anything, no house or car and I dont have investments. I don’t have deductions and medical expenses. It was pretty straight forward ( using Turbo Tax). I even did my brother’s taxes. And my bestie’s taxes.

But doing something like taxes it’s like a reality check. I’m growing up. I feel so immature and young all the time(I guess I work with people twice my age too, so I’m always one of the youngest which doesn’t help me gain perspective on my age)

It’s scary.

It’s sad too. I felt I would be in a much different place at this age.

Yet, I feel pretty damn awesome at the same time.

In my short 25 years on this earth I have gotten through some pretty heavy stuff. I have taken on responsibilities far ahead of my time. And through it all, i kept my shit together. I came out of it all ( My fiancee almost dying with Cancer, my dad almost dying with several different things, being a caretaker for them and their lives literally depended on me… through it allll) with my humanity intact and with my sense of humor intact. I’m still ME. I’m still free spirited and care free. I’m still a die hard loyal person. I can still have a good time.

I may still be immature but when it counts, I’m pretty damn awesome at surviving life.

If i learned anything from the hubby it’s that life is a bitch. So you might as well have some fun while you can. Be a big kid. Do things for fun. PLAY.

So i guess this my little public service message for you, don’t take life too seriously. Have fun from time to time and remember to laugh and let your inner kid out to play. Here, I’ll help get you started…

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