Insidious Chapter Two

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Insidious Chapter Two

Spoilers again , but I wont reveal the ending or big plot revelations though it will reveal what was learned in Part one so if you haven’t watched part one don’t read this.

The Plot.
Part one ended with Josh confronting “the old woman” who haunted Josh throughout his childhood in The Further. Dalton and Josh made it back into their bodies while masses of Ghosts invaded the house trying to get to their vessels. It is assumed everyone is okay. Only Elise notices something off about Josh and snaps a pictures of him. Josh absolutely loses his shit. Elise is strangled to death.

Renai stumbles into the scene and picks up the camera and sees the picture. It’s of the old woman.

Part two starts with a flashback to Josh when he was kid and his experience when he first met Elise. It’s short but significant and I wont reveal exactly what corresponded in that scene because it’s integral to the whole movie.  Then the movie starts up immediately after where part one ended with Renai being questioned about Elise’s death by the police. Josh and Renai are released pending police investigation and move in with Grandma Lorraine.

Fear and doubt are the first impressions you get. Everyone is skeptical of Josh who seems so normal and is asking to be believed. They try to move on from everything.

But then, ghosts are everywhere.

The movie happens in a two-story point of view. One view from Renai and being in the house interacting with the Ghosts and Josh and the kids. Things get crazy. Meanwhile the Grandma, Lorraine, is off investigating with the paranormal investigators. We meet another paranormal investigator Carl who used to work with Elise and he communicates with spirits using word dice.  As they begin to finally uncover who these Ghosts are and what they want, slowly, a picture is being weaved and we begin to understand.  I mean we really meet and witness things, crazy fucking things, like a room full of dead victims.  Questions will be answered.

Towards the end finally Lorraine and Renai and the paranormal investigators team up to finally put an end to this crazy ass story.

I know this is vague and superficial overview but I want you to watch the movie and put the pieces together yourself so I’m trying not to give things away.

Was it Scary?

Hell yes. I decided to write these reviews for the Insidious movies because I love the classic scare tactics of these movies. It’s creepy. Yes, it’s predictable. I knew something was going to pop out on the screen in exactly 3 seconds. I was waiting for it. I was prepared for it. And i still flinched so hard I almost fell off the bed. It’s just.. classic scary movie. Creepy ghost kids appearing down the hallway and running away as soon as you glimpse them laughing that creepy child heheheheheh way.  No crazy cheesy CG. Just Ghosts. Again the movie built up this natural ambiance of creepy and it just seeps into you. My nerves are still a little shaky today. I was in the basement doing laundry and i turn to go up the stairs and my hubby is standing right the fuck there. Almost had a heart attack. He was coming downstairs to ask if i needed help with the laundry bags. But he utterly scared the shit outta me.


The reason I’m taking the time to review this is because I was blown away by the intricacies of this movie. It doesn’t just tell a story. Or make shit up to keep a story going. It was meticulously woven with its counterpart Part One. There was development of The Further. The understanding of the souls in The Further and just everything is explained. Any questions and plot holes in part one was threaded flawlessly into part two. It was quite brilliant and brought this huge dynamic to part two. I don’t want to give specific examples, I don’t want to give that spoiler away for you. But, I’ll just say they took scenes from part one and  gave you a different , a further, perspective of it.


I just can not express how layered this movie was. And of course it ended the movie with a seed planted for part three.  A part three I cannot wait to see.

  1. rarehorror says:

    People have been pretty hard on this movie but I think it’s close to on par with the first one. Like the first one, the ending could have been stronger.


    • Thanks for stopping by! I agree the ending of Josh and Dalton’s story was a little weak for my taste. But the tease for a part 3 overshadowed that for me. Maybe their story isnt really over and we’ll get to see them again so the ending may be “stronger” in the big picture sense? Hopefully.


  2. my life says:

    I loved the first one scared the shit out of me haha I can’t wait to see number 2


  3. 2 for flinching says:

    Hey there. I nearly have this movie figured out i swear. First of all, the placement and usage of the color red. Pay attention to where it’s placed, where its NOT placed, who wears the color and when and who DOESN’T wear the color. Big clues.
    Also, toy placement. The rocking horse from Fosters room in the first movie, the teddy in the babys room, the doll that is stepped on in the hospital when Carl investigates with Loraine, Specs and Tucker, the doll the little girl is holding at the end of movie. Where else do you see those items? And their condition when you do see them.
    Dalton carries the toy lantern to attic in first movie and falls from ladder and leaves the lantern behind. Falls into a “coma” the next morning. Josh and the others use that white light to see when they are in the further.
    White light good, banished creep from babys room, red light draws them near. The metronome, the sound of the grandfather clock, when you hear tick tock and when you don’t.
    Got you thinking now don’t I?
    The last scene of the movie with Allison and Elise? Screams prequel. IMO. Obviously there’s a long history with Elise, Lorraine and even Carl in regards to this malevolent, foul creature that we have yet to discover and its power to influence people to, dare i say, kill others or kill themselves.We get to see when she and LORRAINE learn of the red faced demon.
    Sorry so long winded. It’s not even half of what i could say. Genius work.


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