Insidious Part One Directed by James Wan

This will contain Spoilers but i wont reveal the ending and the big answers to the movie.
And before i get started just did a quick google search of the director and he’s actually pretty cool. He worked on the Saw franchise, Dead Silence, Death Sentence, The Conjuring ( creepy effing movie) , and oddly Fast and Furious 7.

Insidious Part One, we meet a couple Renai and Josh and they have 3 children, Dalton, Foster and baby Cali ( Kali??, not sure how they spelled her name).  The movie starts with the family moving into a new house. Josh is a school teacher and Renai is staying home to raise the baby and work on her music. While being home alone and unpacking she starts noticing small things happening, things moving, sounds on the baby monitor. She tossed it up to the kids making a mess and Josh talks her into believing she is hearing interference on the baby monitor.

The one thing they couldn’t ignore was their son Dalton. He went into the attic and we watched him fall from a ladder and look off into the dark cervices of the attic and then start screaming. Parents rush upstairs and he has a few bumps and bruises but is seemingly unhurt.  The next morning Dalton doesn’t wake up. The movie flashes 3 months forward with Dalton being in comatose state that medically cannot be explained.
Josh begins to adrift from his family staying late at school and the happenings in the house start to occur again. We are thrust into the mystery if Renai is crazy or the house is haunted and the mystery of Dalton’s sickness.

Renai unable to bare the supernatural happenings in the house finally convinces Josh to move to a new house. This is where Grandma Lorraine enters the movie and reveals she had a dream of Dalton and someone being in the room with him.

The mysterious creature claims he wants Dalton’s body. This is where shit hits the fan with the supernatural happenings starting again, in the new house, and paranormal investigator Elise is brought into the house to help.

This  is where the movie takes off running. We are introduced The Further  which is a spiritual world of the dead. We learned both Father ( Josh) and son ( Dalton) have the ability to astro project their spirit being outside of their body and “travel”. Dalton was doing so in his sleep and was unafraid because he thought he was dreaming and safe.  The movies continues on to explore the Further and searching for Dalton to bring him back before evil entities occupy his human body.

Was the Movie Scary.

I watched this movie when it first came out and I remember being creeped out. But i re-watched it last night and I was borderline freaked out. When I had to pause the movie to go downstairs I awoke my sleeping dog and carried her with me because I was a chicken shit and figured she would atleast provide a buffer if a ghostly figure popped out. I put on every light in my route to the kitchen for some water… my house was lite up like a  Christmas tree.

What i liked about the scare tactic of this movie, it was just classic. Nothing overly cg , not trying too hard to scare you. It just let the story and the ambiance do the work.  And it worked.


Insidious Part two.
Okay, so i wrote this whole synopsis of part one to lead way into what i really want to discuss, Insidious Chapter Two.  I’ll post this part up first then get to writing on Part two.


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