No Lady, You May Not Use The Men’s Fitting Room.

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I happen to work right next to the fitting room.  Because it’s the men’s fitting room I always feel awkward going into the fitting room to clean it out. Though it’s not in Manhattan, it’s a big central shopping mall.  So even when its the slow season ( like now) we still get people buying things in bulk.

I purposely put a cart in the fitting room for people to dump their unwanted items. But,  no one ever uses it and instead create mountains of clothes ON THE FLOOR of the fitting room.

We have 7 stalls  in the fitting room. It has doors that are slightly raised so you can peek under and see feet, but the door locks from the inside and you can have your privacy to undress.

I cannot tell you how many people never close the door!

Anddd then closes the door when they’re done. You have no idea how many times I have to go into the fitting because a line is formed and all the stall doors are closed only to find no one inside any of the stalls. We leave the door open to signify it’s not occupied and door closed to signify its occupied. You cannot close the door when you undress but then slam the door when you are finished?  Ugh.

Which leads me to my next point. We don’t let women into the fitting enough though it has lockable doors. But, this shouldn’t be issue. It’s the MEN’S  department. MEN’s fitting room.  True, we do have our lingerie department on the same floor however there is a women’s fitting room clearly displayed and labeled precisely behind the rack you picked out your bra. How can you miss it? And then walk through various men articles of clothing and decide THIS fitting room  is permissible to use.  Eyeroll.

Sure when its the slow season and we only have a sole customer in the entire store, we’ll let a lady into the fitting room.  We clearly express though, it is the MEN’s fitting but it’s vacant right now if you feel comfortable you may use the first stall closest to the door but be sure to lock the door.

It’s all about liability.  We cannot have customers screaming sexual harassment if a man accidentally opens their room or if they exit a room to a man almost naked because he didn’t close his stall door  and have them running off filing law suits. So , no our fitting rooms are not co-ed.  A man cannot go to the women’s floor and ask to go into the women’s fitting room. Holy hell the ladies would have a tit fit. So why is it okay for a woman to waltz into the mens? Seriously ladies.

Atlas, we don’t have a fitting room person. So, I cannot be there the majority of the time. I try to visually keep an eye and catalog who goes in with how many items and roughly if they come out with the same and every 30 mins or so clear out the stalls. But still things slip by….people slip by.

Do you know how many bra’s I have to pick up off the floor everyday?

Let’s see, I personally found left behind items that included but limited to, 2 cell phones( separately), various fast food meals, old hoody, jacket, a purse(found about 3 of them, different times), bags full of stuff from other shopping establishments, a basketball , used old and dirty underwear(mens) , used and old bras, dirty old jeans ( atleast 4 times) , dirty socks, dirty wife beater tank top, army duffel bag, a string back pack filled with army enrollment stuff,  about half a dozen tee shirts name brand not carried by my store( separate times), lady who was having a fight with her imaginary friend,   and two lovely times a floor filled with dutch guts ( you know the innards of a cigar , the cigar wrapping is then used to roll up a blunt) and not surprisingly caught someone smoking a blunt inside the fitting room.

And these are just my personal encounters, not including any other co-workers that tend to the fitting room.

Luckily, I missed the debacle that happened Monday… a coupled decided the fitting room is a perfect place to get it on. Yup, they had sex in the fitting room. My co-worker was the one that walked into that. Called security and they were asked to stop and vacate the store.

Retail worker, Retail, bad customers


I was just happy I didn’t walk into the stall and find a used condom on the floor.

But, frankly, if I did… I wouldn’t have been surprised.


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    This one was epic xD

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