A New Concept…I’m Lucky.

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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For as long as I can remember, my dad always played the lotto. Everyday he would go to the store “to play his numbers”. Has he ever won? Sure, a few hundred here and there throughout the years. Has he ever hit the jacket? No.

But I’ve lost count of the times he said, just like his father said, “My ship is coming soon!” and ” It’s the luck of the Irish, , my ship will land soon!”

I’m twenty-five years old now. This ship must have a male captain and is lost at sea too stubborn to ask for directions.

I have never won anything with the exception of a poetry contest when I was in high school, i came in 2nd place for a New York Civil Liberties Contest. I won 500 dollars. I was 17 years old. I opened up a savings account with that 500 dollars.  I had that 500 in savings until I canceled that account when I was 22 and the hubby got sick and we made a joint a bank account.

Sure, I’ve played the lotto. I was addicted to the scratch off tickets for a while. The most I ever won was 10 bucks.

I was addicted to publisher clearing house online for a while too, entering daily in ALL their contests. They never rang my door bell with a super size check and bouquet of flowers.

I’ve entered countless book sweepstakes and giveaways.

I’ve never won anything.  Guess my “Luck of the Irish” is dilated by the Guyanese half. Or my “ship” was the Titanic or something

I did actually win a 25 gift card  at work once. But this doesn’t really count. As an incentive to open up credit cards, they had a raffle each hour and gave away the gift card to one associate who opened a credit card for a customer within that hour. Now, let me explain, before I worked in Levi’s i used to open up a credit app for a customer daily. But, this was when we didn’t have THAT many coupons and so the only coupon available  was the 20% for opening  a new card. And I was primary a register person. I didn’t push cards, i just used that as my opener when a customer walked up to my register “Would you like to open up a credit card, and save 20%”. 95 % would say no or already have a card, but the other 5% would say yes.

Being in Levi’s I hardly ring. A few of my customers that ask to be rung up, i ring. Or when the neighboring quad has a line, i would line bust.  But i could easily go a whole day without ringing up a customer. And to top it off  the 20% off coupon doesn’t work on Levi’s. So there goes the selling pitch.

But that day, I happened to have a customer walk up to me and inquire about the card. So i opened up a credit card for her. I didn’t even know my store was having a raffle for opening cards that day. In fact, when they were looking for me I was outside smoking a cigarette on a break. Imagine that heart attack, wasn’t doing anything wrong, was on my 15 min break , but to having security bust outside yelling for me. Yeah, I thought I was being fired.

So sure, I won the gift card, but ,considering that was the first credit app I gotten in almost two months? I didn’t consider that a win per say.

Then two weeks ago, I received a package in the mail. I didn’t order anything. There was no return address. Insert paranoid horror scenes here.  I was curious, but scared to open it.

So i pawned it off on the hubby to open.

It was a book.

I won a free book from a Goodread’s giveaway.

I  had actually won something!!  Something I consciously entered,desired and wanted.  I was freaking psyched! I won and I couldn’t stop smiling for days.

And I told everybody.

Everyone would snicker at me when i say ” I won a book!”
But, I didn’t care. I was a winner. Which was a new concept to me. I happily read the book and reviewed it on goodreads ( which was an honest review it just happened to a be a good book I enjoyed).

I continued  entering giveaways on Goodreads, just for the hell of it. Even if I didn’t win, I didn’t mind having those books on my “to-read” list. It’s nice to have new material to look into when I run out of the “regular” stuff I read and follow.

But lo’ and behold I checked my email last night and I won again.

Not just one book.  But TWO!

Two Books!

I just won 3 books in under a month.

I’m a fucking winner ya’ll .

And it feels fabulous.

  1. Johnny Smith says:

    I would love to win something! I can’t really remember right off the top of my head if I’ve ever won anything or not….hhhhmmmmm…. guess that means i didn’t lol! Well good luck in your future winnings!


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