A storm is a’ coming

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Read the title in the ol’ granpa voice.

In NY we have another snow storm warning. It’s supposed to rain starting in the afternoon and turn into light snow towards the evening. And snow until tomorrow after noon sometime. Expected accumulation 8inches to a foot of snow.

I look out the window now and it’s misty outside, dark and gloomy.

I’m off of work today and I’ve already decided i’m more than likely calling out of work tomorrow.

I don’t mind the snow. Really, I don’t. But the fact I’m going to spend most of the afternoon shoveling snow and then have to go to work for a closing shift afterward. Okay even that isn’t too bad. But then I take the bus.

When it snows the bus runs really really slow. Like once an hour. The bus already runs slow at the time of night i get out of work. But throw in the snow, it will take even longer.

And drive like 2 miles an hour.

Even with all that it doesn’t bother me much. What bothers me I work opening the next day (tuesday).

I rather take the hit and miss my five hour shift Monday night and be warm and rested.

But who knows, maybe it’ll be a few inches and not this BIG storm everyone is expecting.

It won’t be the first time the weather man lied.


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