I have shopping cart rage

Posted: March 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hi, my name is Tasha and I have shopping cart rage.

I used to love to push the shopping cart. I would love to go to the supermarket go aisle by aisle and pack my cart neatly and maneuver the shopping cart around merchandise. It was something i loved doing as a kid.  My brother and I would fight over who would get to push the cart. It was one of those little things that transferred over into adult hood.

But, then i started shopping for NEED and not leisurely. When i go to the supermarket, i have an allotted amount of time and I have to get back home and start cooking the shit i just bought. Sure, i still take my time and browse and compare prices and stuff. But, i cant take all day in the supermarket.

Today, I went to B.J.’s ( a wholesale for supermarket for those that don’t know,  A Sam’s Club for those down south)

I pushed the cart for exactly 30 seconds and I let the hubby take over in pushing the cart. Now, in a store like B.J.’s the aisle are huge. So, why do just have to have  your cart randomly in the middle of at such an angle to block traffic completely? Mind you, the aisle can perfectly fit 3 carts, one on each side while you browse for your items leaving the middle free for flowing traffic. Yet you manage to just block off all three lanes like you own the aisle and don’t want to move your cart and get mad when i move it for you?

And  i hate women shoppers. My god ladies, you girls are so self righteous.  A women in a hurry will run your children over with her shopping cart. She just has to go where she is going and she has to be the first one.

I just can’t take it anymore. There is no common sense and common decency anymore. I have shopping cart rage and if I’m shopping alone, watch out. I will hit you with my cart.


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