Do you love yourself? Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Chances are ladies, you are not fully accepting of yourself or have experienced a time when you were not. This post is for those of you going through these issues.

In today’s world, it’s hard growing up and understanding your self-worth. As women we are told and dictated to aspire to an unrealistic and unobtainable level of so-called beauty.

This is me , telling you to stop hating yourself. Stop hating your body. Skinny does NOT equate to beauty. And fat doesn’t equate to unhealthiness.

See the image above? The girl in the reflection is a beautiful girl. However, through an anorexic mind, that is fat. Are you kidding me? That girl in the reflection is beautiful. The girl looking in the mirror however is literally skin and bones. That is NOT beautiful and definitely is NOT healthy. Numbers on a scale are just numbers. It is YOU who give those numbers value. To the girl looking into the mirror, she thinks and feels ugly, feels fat. NO matter what her scale says, that is what she sees and feels inside her heart and mind. She is beyond skinny, she is bone thin to a dangerous level. But, she is trying to reach this impossible level of what she considers beauty.

The picture above is a lovely picture. Just because one is big doesn’t mean they are unhealthy. People look at a plus sized person and assume they are lazy and eat crappy and excessively. That is not true! People assume every big person is unhappy and want to be skinny and suffer from self-image issues. I admit it’s hard to feel beautiful being plus sized when you are constantly judged and have society’s absurd definition of sexy, healthy and what a woman should look like. But, I am a plus size girl. I am not lazy. I don’t eat terrible. I work retail for crying out loud. I’m always on my feet, walking. At work, I’m in charge of the Levi’s merchandise. I lift and move heavy boxes. I re-do the whole floor plan. I bend, i stoop, i squat, i climb, i use ladders and step stools and i sit on my knees to pack the lower shelves. I run about all day long. Then i walk to the bus, most of the time stand on the bus, then walk home and start doing my home chores and errands. I don’t really exercise anymore but i used to jog 4 miles a day before my work schedule changed. But people look at me and judge me because I’m plus sized.

I just cannot express just because a person has more weight doesn’t mean they stuff their face all day everyday and do absolutely nothing all day long.

The picture above is a variation of the “mirror image” i posted earlier in this post. I do get a little annoyed at the image because there is nothing wrong with the girl in the reflection. But, this gives you an insight into people’s minds. If they cannot be happy with themselves, their reflection .. how can we expect the world too?

So this is my message to you ladies. Own your body. Big, small, in between ….it’s your body. By all means if you are uncomfortable with something, sure you have the power to change it. Just make sure it’s for the RIGHT reasons. If you need to put on a few pounds, there is nothing wrong with filling in! If you need to lose a feel pounds for health reasons, then by all means go about it with a proper healthy method ( consult a doctor or nutritionist!) There is nothing wrong with eating right, working out and living a cleaner life. We should all put back energy into our-self and take care of ourselves. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean losing x amount of weight is the way to go about it.  It’s not about the numbers, it’s not about size. Don’t aspire to anyone’s standard of beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and forms. It’s about being HEALTHY.

So do me a favor ladies, go to the mirror and look at yourself in the mirror and say ” I love myself”. If you can’t say that with true honestly, then please sit and evaluate WHY you feel this way. Please feel reach to reach out…to me, to friends , to family, to whoever you feel comfortable with. Just please, be happy with yourself. Own yourself.

We all are beautiful people. As long as we are not harming our self and others, then we are beautiful. Let’s shed these negative cogitations of beauty and be beautiful together.

  1. Johnny Smith says:

    You wouldn’t believe how many men actually go through the same thing. Though, I’m sure it’s not as frequent as what women go through, there’s a lot of guys who are not comfortable with their body at all. Myself included, and I’m in a quote on quote ‘pretty healthy’ lifestyle. But there’s just more I want out of my body. Lately I’ve accepted my body and it’s been great. It’s something I’m not ashamed of and I still work as hard as I can to see myself for what I want, not what others think I should look like. So yeah, OWN YOUR BODY!!!!!


    • Thank you for the male perspective! I know men go through body image and body expectation too. It’s a great feeling when we stop being so hard on ourselves and accept ourselves. Cheers to you for reaching that point 🙂


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