Domestic Violence is a very real and still a very current issue. I am not and have never been in a physically abusive relationship, I can’t even fathom that situation.  I try hard to understand it. I try to be compassionate and considerate and not like everyone else.

A lot of people just say  the victim is stupid to stay in an abusive relationship. ( let’s just assume it’s a girl that’s a victim)  If the girl gets hit one time, why stay? Why let it happen again and again?

Like i said, I’ve never been in an abusive relationship and while i hold those sentiments  sometimes^^ I also understand things aren’t always so easy.

I understand one becomes stuck in their circumstance. I understand it’s gradual, over time. I understand an abuser robs you of any identity and self worth and makes you feel powerless. I truly understand that is how victims feel.

I saw this video on facebook this morning.


This video is of a girl fighting with her dude. She is pregnant. At one point she pushes him and then he goes to yoke her  ( hands around her throat). People intervened.  verbal fighting goes on for a while. She pushes him hard, and then he pushes her but more people intervened before he did more and started beating HIM up.

Many people spoke to the girl and she says  things like “I’m used to this” ,” this is all i know”, ” all he does is put his hands on me”.  At one point some guys on the train are asking her to go pack her stuff, they will help her.

This is so sad. That lady, she is so stuck in abuse she doesn’t know how to get out of it, even with STRANGERS trying to pull her out of her situation.

It was a little uplifting knowing people, strangers, actually care. In NY especially, people are so self-absorbed.  Everyone just wants to mind their own business. It’s not unusual for people to watch on while stuff like this happens.  So for strangers to get involved, it really warmed my   heart knowing people in the world still care about random strangers ( sure, they could of handled it better).

But, it’s just so sad knowing she is going to go home and he is going to beat her.

  1. suejansons says:

    Having been there. I know how it feels. One of the things abusers do is isolate their victim, limiting the support system they have. This in turn makes it hard for them to gets help. And the list goes on and on about why they don’t leave.


    • Thank you for stopping by and your insightful comment. I think a way to help those suffering from abuse is to just be better people, willing to get involved and not let people shut us out…even strangers.


  2. goroyboy says:

    “Independent” . It is more than a word for self confidence. It means you are not dependent, stuck, trapped, hopeless, with an abuser. Man or woman if you are not yet independent, you have no right being in a relationship. Love yourself first. Depend on yourself first.


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