Commit (January B4 Peace Post)

Posted: March 12, 2014 in B4Peace
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January B4 Peace Post.

You can read about Blogger’s for Peace on Kozo‘s blog and Read this month’s B4 Peace post here.
The prompt this month is simple :

What one thought will you focus on this year to bring more peace?


See, I told you this was easy.  I make resolutions every year and I never see them thorough.

I’m the type of person that is compulsive obsessive or utterly uninterested. I’m a being of extremes. Even with the small things. I don’t just watch a TV series. I watch every episode ever made in day long marathons with little to no sleep. The same with books. I don’t just read the latest release, I binge read the entire series first. As with everything I do ,( be it reading or writing or whatever task) i do it fully and completely until I plateau. Then i just stop, and move on to the next thing.


So this year, I want to change that. I want to commit. Fully and consistently. I have been watching my TV series, as they air, one episode at a time. I have been reading everyday. True some days I read an entire book and others I read a few pages. But, i believe reading just a few single pages is better than letting myself stop all together. The same with blogging. I log on everyday. Some days I post. Some days I don’t. But i come on every day. Some days I spend hours. Others i spend minutes. But, I’m making the effort to commit.

So this year, that’s my motto. My aspiration. My goal. It’s easy to focus on one task at a time. But maintaining that is a whole different story. This year, I’m going for longevity. I don’t want to do something awesome one time and not do anything awesome for long periods of time.

I want to be and create a little piece of awesome everyday.

I want to commit.

Committing will make me feel like a better person, like I’m trying to reach my passions. It will bring peace to myself, just knowing I committed and I tried.


As per the spirit of Bloggers for Peace, here is another B4 Peace post by another Blogger:


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