So while at work yesterday, I was on lunch break and texting the hubby …just random chit chat. Then i received a text from him saying

“The ceiling is leaking babe”

Uh, wait what?

And guess where the leak happen….

Over MY side of the bed.

I was ready to walk out of work right then and there but talking to the hubby he told me to wait it out. He  did a quick move of the bed so if the leak happens again we wouldn’t be swimming in our sleep.

And we just changed out sheets the day before.

Throughout my whole shift I was just MAD.  Out of the whole entire house, why my room? The roof has been fixed about two years ago too with patch work done after Sandy.

BUt then the anger burned out. As I was leaving work I was just laughing telling my co-workers I’m going to be sleeping in a water-bed tonight.

I came home and found it wasn’t THAT bad. We have a roofer coming tomorrow.  It’s just scary because we have a small attic above my room and the boys went up there and couldn’t find anything obvious. I just keep having visions of the ceiling collapsing on me.

But today, the hubby and I had to spend the day cleaning.  Before we had to move the bed, everything had a place. It was cluttered, but contained. With the bed in this new position, there is just nowhere to put everything. So we had to do the massive task of “Spring Cleaning”. We had to empty the entire closet and get rid of things to make room for things we had in corners of the room. I spent all day working on the closet and one side of the room. It’s better. We have the other side of the room left to do, but that’s for another day.

The worst part? My dog is so sad. Before, we had the bed/box spring on the floor ( because she liked to go under the bed and she was getting stuck under there) and we pushed it up against the wall. So, in the middle of the night until I wake up in the morning she would jump up on the bed and sleep on pillow. She puts her little paws against the wall and just sleeps on her side. Sometimes she wedges herself against the wall and my pillow and sleeps on her back with all four paws up in the air. When morning comes, she puts her head on my head waiting for me to wake up.

But now, with the bed moved, the bed isn’t up against the wall anymore. So she can’t sleep on the pillows anymore. She will fall right off the bed and the radiator is there so she can get really hurt. The saddest part was her waking up in the middle of the night and excitedly trooping to the head of the bed and we had to stop her. We tried to cuddle with her but when she was denied pillows she got so sad she jumped off the bed and just went to the floor sighing. She was restless all night.

Today, she went to my dad’s bed and slept most of the day curled up on his pillows.

My poor doggie.

I’m debating about calling out of work tomorrow. To stay home and finish cleaning out the room? Then Sunday i am off i can do my regular chores and relax. Sounds like a good plan right.



I should probably get off WordPress and get some sleep for work tomorrow. lol.


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