I thought I went viral

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Let’s talk numbers.

I tend not to care about that part of WordPress much… the stats section.  I find it odd and hilarious at the same time. Like how i have  more visitors than views. Yeah, I’m bad in math but even that doesn’t add up in my head.

Or how I have more visits from different countries than amount of visitors for the day. Some of my followers must really get around…

That’s another thing, i have people who follow my blog and I’m not even sure they’re people. Which is why I don’t follow you back. If  I see you liking more than one post and commenting only THEN do i go check out your blog and then follow you back. I just have so many blogs subscribe to me that either are advertising blogs/spammers or freshly joined and give up blogging after a week or two. I can’t tell you how many inactive blogs are on my subscription list. If i follow a person, i drop a comment so you know I am real person. If i get no written confirmation of your follow and no comments on my posts how am I supposed to know you are real?

My blog has always been a small gathering. I have about 400  followers. I’ll say maybe about 100 are real people and maybe 50 are actual active bloggers but maybe 30 or so are “big bloggers” that only post on their site and never venture outside of their own posts, barely even get a response from a comment on their page.

Daily I get an average about 10-30 visitors and 10-50 views. Basically, I’m in the teens each day and it bumps up when I post a blog or comment on others blogs a lot. I use tumblr to repost posts I use here on WordPress and pinterest to pin pictures I use and links to that articles post. And i get two or three referrals from there.  I get a dozen or so likes per blog post.

I don’t really care about those numbers.

If you read my blog, cool.  I perfer actual interaction with bloggers via comments. But, I’m lucky if i get anyone to actually comment on a post.

That’s what i care most about. Comments. When i read a blog post, i comment. If I follow you, I’ll comment.

But, i don’t really care THAT much. I’m content with my little ol’ blog.  If you read it and think its cool, awesome. Thank you. You take the time to comment, i thank you via a comment. But, I”m content saying my piece and publishing it. I blog to get it out of my head….whatever it is.

I follow some great blogs and I’m happy with the little blogging ritual i have now. Checking out all my favorite blogs and investing into those blogs who interest me.

But today, I logged onto word press and noticed my “all time best” changed.

Before it was 98 views ( and not sure how many visitors it was before wordpress added that feature). It changed to 160.

I was stumped.

At first i thought something i wrote went viral.

But, I haven’t posted anything new .

And i didn’t have any notifications that were my own ( just responses to comments I’ve left on others blogs).  So i ventured over to the stats page and started investigating.

Apparently, my images was the cause of the all the ruckus.

Images I used LAST year for St Patrick’s day( a small general happy st patty’s day! post).  About 120 of the visitors and views i received was from those articles or clicks on those media images or from google images( that’s where i get all my images , image search in google using keywords and I always link back to whatever address it says when i click on ‘view image’ ).

So I did not go viral. Just the images I used are appealing to others. Others wanted to wish a Happy St. Patrick’s Day THIS year using images I used last year when last year that post barely got any views, no comments.

It’s a little nice to know I’m so cool people don’t even know it’s cool yet… my taste is a year ahead of the times.




  1. Paul Rotter says:

    Lack of interaction has definitely been frustrating for me too as a relatively new blogger (4 months). Sure there’s a lot of bots out there, but there’s also so much content! I wish that I could keep up with my petty band of followers, but it can be overwhelming. I guess the only solution is too keep posting great content and hope it catches on 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jenni says:

    Love it – yes the stats page does read like something from Alice in Wonderland at times so I generally just go by who comes and comments and stays for a look around. Interesting idea that some aren’t real – I had suspected that when one in particular hits like the moment I post and even my shortest articles would take a minute of so to read properly and I never actually get a comment from that one either. Hmm suspicious me thinks.


    • There are apps and software out there to automatically like posts in your reader or tagged with a certain tag. I came across it back when I first started blocking and it crushed my little heart to find out the likes i received where possibly and most likely just computer generated. That’s why i don’t follow blogs unless i read their entire blog and see them active or they comment me. Sometimes i feel bad because i get new followers and my instinct is follow back automatically. But, i wait and see if they are actually interacting with me and mostly they are not. It’s sad really. We blog for a community and interaction and all this nonsense just makes it harder to connect.

      I guess when we do connect it makes it that much more awesome. But still, it would nice to not have to jump to through loops for it.


      • Jenni says:

        I know – the whole benefit of the doubt thing is fine and dandy but it doesn’t help you get a good idea of what people really think of your work if you can’t trust the data. So I lurk and if I see a blog that only does re blogs and nothing of their own I don’t bother. I don’t expect people to hang on my every word but follow for follows is good practice at the end of the day.


  3. (Jen here) I just recently understood what the difference between the visitors and views meant and I think that was only cause I came across something about it when I was looking up something else.
    Out of the followers Joe does have there is a set bunch who I can tell keep up with his page and those are the ones who I visit their page and keep him updated on what they say and what is going on with their page. The rest I figure are spam or want a follow back cause they don’t ever interact on his page.
    By the way, love the last image on this post. 🙂


    • Hi Jen!!! 😀

      Alot of people just follow random blogs everyday because its an easier way of generating views and visitors. Someone follows you, it’s only natural to click over and check them back. It’s sad the internet is filled with these number hoarders. It makes it harder for real connections and investors to me made.

      The reason i followed you guys is because i admired YOU for staying by your man and all you do for him and all the support you give Joe in trying to better his life. That’s so awesome and you should be so proud of yourself for being so awesome.


      • I could not agree more! It seems to be a numbers game to many people on here.
        And awe…thank you! Yeah, it can be overwhelming at times but he knows I am not going anywhere and am so proud of him for how far he has come from the person he was when he went in, along with all he has accomplished thus far. He is surrounded by negativity daily but still remains so positive.
        Well I am glad you decided to follow along because I do enjoy reading your posts as well. 🙂


  4. Katie Renee says:

    You are awesome and your stats confirm it! I totally feel you on the robot bloggers. I’ve got about 10-15 people that are actual people. Everyone else is just fake. Literally.

    I hope you’ve been doing well! I know I dropped into hiatus (and I kind of still am in one because of work issues and such), but I do creep in on you whenever my computer is up 🙂 Happy first day of Spring! Hopefully the weather will get better for everyone up north, I think I’m the only person who didn’t get snowed on this year.


    • I think this is the only time to be excited about having some creep on my blog 🙂 Creep away dear.

      And today was beautiful out! But in three days we are expected to have a snow storm. lol. I love the cold. It’s this crazy back and worth weather i don’t like. The weather is giving me whiplash. lol.


  5. Hey there,
    I am a real person hopping over from OM. 🙂
    I must say I don’t understand the visitor/views discrepancies either, lol.
    New follower.



    • Lol. Thank you for informing me of your humanness ( and the visit). The WP stats are often funky and I try to tell new bloggers to not worry about it so much, just write your little heart out and “real” readers and followers will come. I’m off to work now but I’ll be sure to pay you a visit later 🙂


  6. diannegray says:

    I’ve never really understood the stats page. My most viewed post is one that’s hidden from my timeline, but it’s obviously one that people search for (because it’s about the Tax Office) LOL 😀


  7. janeybgood says:

    This is a great post and sums up exactly how I feel. I have a similar sized blog. I don’t mind if I don’t receive hundreds of views a day, I prefer to have engagement from followers in the form of comments. I love interacting with and meeting new people.

    Your pictures for this post are brilliant and make me like this even more 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I have been blogging since October 2012 and I was never aware that there were computer generated likes, what the heck…. I know some of the spam I get is ridiculous, oh and then the search terms. One of these days I am going to write a post about search terms used to find my blog. I wish I knew how to screen shot them all on one location instead of going through 600 days or so. My brain does not wrap around all the features WP has. From the stabbing I suffered some brain damage, especially processing information and than being able to execute what “new” information I just gained. Anyway, glad we connected and boooo on computer generated likes, that is just wrong.


  9. kazy07 says:

    I have been reading your blog for past 1 hour and guess what! before that I was browsing images on Google for a Facebook post.
    I don’t remember through which image I stumped over here… But I liked that post then I read the next one and the next and now I am here in this post 2014. ( i started on March 2013 I guess)

    I wanted to hit like on your blog posts, but I didn’t had a WordPress account so I created one just to like your post.
    I did it because I wanted you to know that what you wrote a year ago is interesting to me and l thought that it(a like on yourpost) may convey a message to you Keep up the work and continue blogging.


    But after seeing this post, I thought may be I need to type all that down. LoL.
    So yeah thats it. I hope there are more interesting posts ahead.
    May be some other guy may find these random short stories and descriptions about hours in levi section of a retail strangely engaging, so keep writing. 🙂


    • I’m so sorry I’ve missed alot of your comments. I have been blogging from a phone once I open a notifcation it goes away. But, i’m on a computer blogging for the first time in months and I’m seeing all your likes and comments. Thank you so much for finding my blog and I’m touched my words interested you. Thanks for reading and spending time on my blog!


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