It’s Over. It’s Done.

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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For anyone that has worked a franchised , multiple floor retail store in a big shopping mall, you all know about this dreaded experience . Inventory. It is that time of the year.

Being in charge of my area, I have spent the past several weeks going through every single item in search of the two tags the clothing bare. If one or the other ( or both) is missing, I have to hunt for a twin to make a new tag(s) and then enter it in the system. Then assimilate both pieces into the stock on the floor. Which might not sound too bad, but say I have 20 pair of jeans that needs a new tag(s). That then doubles because to make the tag I need the same, color, fit, and size to make the tag( a twin). So, it’s really 40 pair of jeans. 40 pair of jeans that i don’t simply just add to the shelves. I have to go to that color and remove everything, size it and fold it and put it back. All on top of my regular work load of fixing/folding/sizing , assisting customer, ringing them up and clearing out the fitting room. By myself.

I’m lonely a lot. I have two days I overlap with a co-worker for about an hour and half and one day i overlap with

another co-worker for under an hour. But majority of the time? I’m alone. I also get called to help the neighboring section and often , if working closing, I have to help that section too.

Inventory officially started Saturday. They did the stock rooms all day Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night when the doors to the store closed , inventory of the floor started and lasted all the way to when the doors to the store opened at 10am Monday morning. I declined working that overnight shift because I work Monday the closing shift and they didn’t want to adjust my schedule. Plus, you’re basically in lock down when working overnight, you cannot leave the building.Β  I just didn’t want the headache.

But, when i walked into work Monday i was dumbfounded. It looked like the store was looted. Or better yet, like how the store looks after Black Friday.

I walked to my section and just turned my head from side to side. Of course, the girl who usually works the morning shift wasn’t there, she had just worked the overnight. Even though i told my superiors i was free and could work extra during normal store hours, they didn’t put me on for extra hours. Thus, the mess from inventory and the mess from customers left to their own devices all morningΒ  which resulted in bare shelves, piles on the floor and nearly half of the floor in unfolded items. I stormed into the fitting room and not to my surprise were mountain of clothes in EACH stall.

I had half a mind to walk out of work and take my butt home. In disbelief and aggravation i make my way to to the front of the store to blow of steam with some co-workers. I get it, there is a budget and only so many allotted hours and yadda yadda and half the mess was from inventory. But, it’s a business. You plan and budget for those situations. The closing shift for that side of the store was me and ONE other person. Steam was practically coming out of my ears.

Reluctantly , i head back to my area. I ignored everything. I folded. Lord, i folded. I sized, i fixed i folded non-stop. Customers be damned, i barely glanced at them.

And whoever was actually worked that night, did the same. We folded and folded late into the night.

We all left there in a real life version of The Walking Dead. Security literally said “omg, why is everyone so tired?!” upon searched when leaving for the night.

On little sleep and alot of coffee i went right back in the morning where i spent from 945am-12 noon just going through cages and

cages of clothing that was recently re-ticketed or found through inventory and needed to find a home throughout the store.

Then i went back to my section and began putting out new stock and changing the floor plan.

I came home Tuesday night and just crashed. I slept till almost noon today and stayed in bed.

The anger is gone, now that I got much-needed sleep.

And tomorrow when I return to work, I can put this inventory mess behind me and get back to normal work days.

Or, so i hope.

  1. Jenni says:

    How come you’re not sitting in a corner sucking your thumb mumbling about tags and folding – I would be, well actually I’d probably be in a cell somewhere after I took out my angst on the first person to unfold what I had spent all morning folding. Seriously you rule and now you’re not even pissed – huh so people like you do exist and aren’t just an urban legend. Im-press-ive!!!


  2. 2l2phant says:

    Reblogged this on 2l2phant and commented:
    Thank you so very much for dealing with the insensitivity of it all ❀


    You are amazing πŸ™‚

    I will be praying for you ❀


  3. If I Won Powerball says:

    :: bows to you ::
    I respect and bow to anyone who works retail – because Lord knows I CAN NOT.


  4. Horus says:

    May the forces always be with you!! πŸ˜€


  5. Johnny Smith says:

    This just brought back so many memories for me lol. I used to manage a wharehouse with no inventory system, and it was always a nightmare trying to do “inventory” because really it was a joke lol! Glad you’re done though!


  6. Oh goodness, reading this I got horrific flashbacks of working for Currys over a year ago (Currys is sort of like Best Buy, but possible a little more manipulative a deceitful towards customers)..

    When we did a stock check, we started once the store closed.. I’d have to work from 8pm till 2am! As much as I hated it, and I genuinely do mean HATE, it kind of worked ’cause there was no customers going around picking things up and dumping them in the wrong place, creating havoc (especially when you have a whole wall of printer inks to count!).

    I suppose that probs wouldn’t work in a shopping centre though? What with it have a general closing time, with security?

    Hats off to you for getting through it!


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