I’ve been feeling a bit detached lately. I decided it was time to unplug for a little while. You’ve all read about the craziness at work with inventory and if you have not you can do so here.

Work is still tiresome and I was starting to bore with my TV shows. It doesn’t help it was the season finale of Walk Dead last week. Whatever am I to do with my Sunday nights?!

True to my commitment  ( B4Peace motto to live by for this year) though, I have been coming on WordPress everyday and silently reading your blogs. I drop a comment here and there but I’m one of those I don’t like pressing “like” unless I’m leaving a lengthy comment so sometimes i may or may not “like” your post.  But, I’m there stalking your blogs in the darkness of cyberspace.

So, what have I been doing with my time?

Well, you all know I have challenged myself and joined in the Goodreads Challenge to read 100 books this year. Last year, I part took but fell short.  As I type this, I have read 31 books which Goodreads tells me is five books ahead of schedule.

So, when I decided I needed to unplug from the computer and TV, I tried to read.

If you didn’t know, my genre of reading is Paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi.  Well folks, I had to put a ban on myself from buying books until I put a dent into the book I have already bought and yet to read. And it worked. Until last week.

I hit that wall. I was sci-fied out. I started about half a dozen books, reading a chapter of each. And I just wasn’t connecting. So i sat on goodreads and was just randomly searching and one book kept popping up into the recommendations.

Reaper’s Property it was called.

Now, I’m a HUGE Son’s of Anarchy fan. I watched it before it was popular, since it first aired. Every week the hubby and I would sit down and watch it together. It was OUR show.

My man. The first time he worked on a car after surgery and treatment( this was while on a break from treatment)

My man. The first time he worked on a car after surgery and treatment( this was while on a break from treatment)

What you may or may not know… the hubby is a mechanic. Cars have been his thing since he was 5 years old. He grew up in PR in his grandfather’s garage. He’s at his happiest covered in grease.

He’s from the old school mindset and believes you should be able to build from bottom up any ride before you learn to ride it.

Naturally, he became interested in motorcycles. He started the research in going back to school to get certified  in motorcycle mechanics.  But then, as he was planning out his passions and dreams, he fell ill.

Now, that dream isn’t dead but it’s on hold. Point is, he lives out the desire of riding through shows like Sons but because he’s secretly a nerd he watches all kinds of documentaries about Biker MC’s.

And because I’m his lady, I watch them with him.

I have not known or have ever known a real life biker in the lifestyle. But, from documentaries and such I felt familiar with the lifestyle.

So, i never ever thought of picking up a biker book. I just knew I would hate it. It would not be real and nitty gritty and true to the hardcore ways and life of a biker MC.

But, then I saw the reviews for this book that kept popping up in my suggestions. It was bipolar to put it nicely.  Either people hated it, or loved it. And that’s what decided it for me. I’m a sucker for controversial reads. Before i even remembered I was on a book buying ban, I ordered the kindle book and had my kindle up and running.

I devoured the book. It was a work of fiction. It was rude and crude. At times it did read like a fan fiction. But the aspects of biker life was realistic and believable.  I didn’t put it down. And before I knew what I was doing I bought the second book. And then when i finished that series , the next Biker Book suggestion popped up and I bought that too. Then when that book was finished another series was recommended and I bought that too. I”m now on the third book of that series.

Here is a list of the time thieves books.

Reaper’s MC by Joanna Wylde

Book One: Reapers Property
Book Two: Reapers Legacy

Renegade Sons MC  by Dawn Martens
Book One: Renegade Lady

Undeniable by  Madeline Sheehan
Book One: Undeniable
Book Two: UnBeautifully
Book Three: Unattainable

So my lesson is not to judge a book by its content. I thought biker related books would be cheesy .   True some of these are more love and desire and sex  then the rough and gritty biker MC dealings. But, that’s the beauty of it. Even bad-ass bikers fall in love. The hopeless romantic in me has been practically purring this past week.

Disclaimer: If you are interested in reading these books please be aware these are mature books with many “taboo” themes that include, murder, infidelity, rape and endless cursing and sex. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but don’t let your preference judge a book for what it is, a story. It is good stories.

Edit: I added links to the Goodreads Pages for the books.


  1. Jenni says:

    Not my cup of tea for reading, but you have made it sound very interesting. I’m a little odd, I do like literary non-fiction but I prefer it to be set at least two or three hundred years ago. In fact the older the story the better I like it. Good luck with the Good Reads challenge – do you mind telling me if you have to read books set by them or is it just reading 100 books over the year? I’d like to know simply because I think I’d really like to do it. I’ve already read a fair swag so far this year so I won’t be too far behind everyone else.


    • Yeah, it’s definitely gritty stuff. i think i just needed just a break from all the YA paranormal stuff. It was all starting to blur together.

      The Challenge on Goodreads is whatever you choose it to be. It could be 5 books, 20 books, 100 books. You set the number. When you finish a book and mark it as read it then is added to your challenge chart.


      • Jenni says:

        Ohhh excellent – ummm another question. Challenge chart?? That’s the side widget with the books you mentioned isn’t it?

        Thanks for taking the time to tell me this stuff!!


    • Lol I just call it the challenge chart but yeah, its the widget on a sidebar on your goodreads page. When you click it, it then gives u more info like viewing all the books read and checking on others and their challenges.


  2. diannegray says:

    It just wouldn’t be a biker book without murder, infidelity, rape and endless cursing and sex 😉

    Long story – but my hubby saved a guy’s life many years ago and he didn’t know at the time that the guy was a biker. Now this guy drops in every few years to see us and ask how were going. Naturally our neighbors would get quite uncomfortable when the Harley Soft-tail roared down the quiet streets of urbanville (loads of peeking out windows) lol. Now we live in the country no one raises their eyebrows 😀 I love biker stories and am adding Reapers Property to my TBR list.


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