My first concert was…

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All week, I kept seeing this post pop up in my news feed on facebook.

After a blogging friend Cheri part took in answering this, i decided i wanted to answer as well. Plus, I’m curious about you all and your first experience. In the comments or on your own blogs, I would like to know. What was your first concert?


My first concert was… embarrassing to admit. Okay, I’m just going to say it. I was a boy band groupie. N’sync was my first Boy Band obsession. I was still on the young side so I didn’t get to go stalk follow them around. However, B2k came around and I was obsessed. Best part? So was my cousin. We went to every single free concert they performed all over NYC. We left 5am in the morning and froze our butts off all morning to get a front row spot all for a one or two song performance.

I remember one epic concert in front of some news station , my cousin and I stood for hours for a two song performance. The tour bus pulled up right by the stage and the boy band entered the bus. In a mass horde we all started screaming and chasing the bus. Yes, chasing the tour bus. As the bus turned the faithful corner our screams immediately changed into cries of disappointment and sorrow. Then, a beacon of light appeared at the corner. A random guy at the corner started screaming and pointing

“Red light! Red light!”

The screams erupted and we all started running again.

So yes folks, my first concert experiences were that of a boy band groupie.

However, I will never admit to this. When people ask what my first concert was i readily tell them:

Five Finger Death Punch.

Five finger death punch, 5fdp, ffdp, rock band, rock, metal


The hubby and I discovered this band together in the very beginning of our relationship. The song came on headbangers ball ( remember that show?!) and the hubby instantly recognized the lead singer from his previous band. We stopped and stared at the music video and when it was over, we got the album immediately. To this day, when I take the hubby’s ipod ( mine is broken) I always, always end up playing a loop of Five Finger songs.

For one of our anniversaries we went to a five finger concert. They are rarely in NY and when they are it’s usually around a time we cannot afford tickets.  So,  when we finally scored tickets, i ditched my college classes for the day and spent the entire late morning/afternoon pre-gaming.

In typical rock concert fashion, we had to stand through three shitty bands before 5fdp took stage. But, when they did, It was worth it all.
To me, that will always be my first REAL concert experience.


What was your first concert experience?

  1. It was International Students’ Meet at our Institute and KK (a renowned singer in India) came… That was my 1st concert… It was a great experience… 🙂


  2. If I Won Powerball says:

    My first concert was…… :: looks around ::: ………my first concert was :: whispers ::

    Tiffany and The New Kids on the Block.

    :: hangs head in shame ::


  3. I will have to ask Joe what his was cause I don’t think I actually know lol

    As for me, when I was younger I always went to common ground which had a bunch of different people perform…Dolly, Reba, etc but my first real concert was suppose to be Slipknot when I was in HS and I got the tickets and everything…only for it to be canceled. 😦 After I graduated me and my roomie went through a phase where we LOVED Good Charlotte and we went to Vans Warped Tour to see them perform along with some other good bands that year. So I always count that as my first concert.

    Also love Five Finger Death Punch!


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