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Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Just a friendly update to let my readers know, I am alive. I haven’t kicked the bucket.  Sorry, I have not been actively commenting on your posts. But, I have been creeping. I silently have been skimming through my reader and keeping up with ya’ll blogs.

So, my birthday is coming up. With my birthday also means the end of freeloading off my mother’s insurance. I’m busying myself , and draining my bank account with co-pays and deductibles,  trying to get myself taken care of within the next three weeks

I have a foot problem. I have a special toe nail. It grows curved and thick. Doctor said it’s an infection causing the weird growth. Just let me tell you, that toe nail is painful.

I went and had it clipped a few months ago, and was supposed to go back to start a round of medication to stop the weird curvy growth. But, because it was clipped and pain-free  and a 50 dollar co-pay every time i go, it was easy to ignore and put off.

Until it wasn’t.

I waited too long.  Every step was painful. And since it’s been so long i needed a new referral and that took going to my primary doctor( with his own expensive funny, bridesmaids, poor, broke co-payment). But, my primary doctor is hard to get too. He used to have an office literally around the block from my house. He relocated to a facility across town which i would have to take three trains ( one train for only two stops to transfer to the train by his office) and  walk about 15 mins to get too. Plus, he works in his practice weird hours, that are limited. He works around his hospital shift schedules and he works out of two hospitals. Between my work schedule and the doctor’s schedule, it’s only one day that I can really go see him. So, unless I’m nearly dying I don’t go.

But, like I said, that toe nail was pretty damn painful. With the imminent end to my insurance too, there was extra pressure to get relief before I wouldn’t have a choice.

So after I finally went to my primary doctor and got a boat load of tests done, i left the office  hours later clutching a precious piece of paper….the referral to the foot doctor.

The foot doctor is closed on Sundays. Monday they open at 9am-6pm. I was ready to call to schedule an appointment at 9am but i figured I would let them stroll in and take care of the patients waiting at their door and settle in first. So at 930 is when i made the first phone call. I got a busy signal. I can’t even remember the last time i heard that annoying beep. Seriously, a doctor’s office? A busy signal? I called every 20 minutes and it wasn’t until 12 in the afternoon did i get through. I was put on hold before I could even get a word out of my mouth. I stood on hold for 20 minutes without even the decency of having elevator music to entertain me., just random beep beep beep. Finally i hear static and i was hopeful the torture was finally over. Then i heard a big loud click.
oh no you didnt, hung up on, disbelief

Yup I was hung up on.

I call back almost ready to have a hissy fit but again before I could even get out a word was rudely yelled out that I need to call back in another half hour they are busy.

Oh, i was so angry. But, i have a motto, not to make a scene until I’m taken care of us. I don’t need my insurance information “getting lost” and receiving a bill in the mail. So i gritted my teeth and waited 45 minutes. Then i called back.

I tried to make an appointment for my next day off but “they were full up all week”.  Then she asked me to “come in right now”. I was even angrier because i was trying to get through the office all morning and I could have went and finished with the appointment and now she is rushing me? But, my foot was in alot of pain and I had a timeline of pressure so I said okay.

I had to call out of work because I was scheduled to work at 5 and it was almost 2 and I had no idea what the foot doc was going to do to me or how long I was going to sit in the office and wait.

I took the hubby with me to the foot doctor because quite frankly I’m a punk with needles and pain. scared, afraid , alone

In the end, 50 dollars poorer and half a toe nail later , i got out of the doctor’s office around 5pm. I could not walk. He numbed the whole toe but i still felt an incredible amount of pain. A 15 minute walk home took almost 45 minutes.

While my foot feels alot better, I’ve been crying through my shifts at work all week. Wearing shoes( i tried all kinds, same result) it just puts pressure on the toe and it’s sensitive where there used to be toe nail. Barefoot, I’m fine. Normal. Put a cage of those bad boys? Holy hell.

I have one more week to wait for the results of blood tests. He has to check my “levels” before prescribing medication. So, in a week and a few days I have an appointment to go back to the primary doctor for a copy of the blood work and then go back to the foot doctor for meds.

All in all, I’m going broke trying to get healthy.But, my doctors are stock piling me with prescriptions  I can fill now and hopefully last awhile while I apply for a new insurance.

So, yes. I’m still alive. I have just been hobbling around trying to get my health in order in between working.
cool, laid back, cough potato,
Also, I’ve been binge watching Game of Thrones. I”m up to season 3. I also binged watched The Voice, season 6. I”m up to date with the last aired episode. And I caught up on this season of Nurse Jackie. Hit a reading slump after  the biker book binge. Needed a breather from reader so have been filling my head with random TV.


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