5 Things That Annoy Me In Working Retail

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Five Things That Annoy Me In Working Retail

1) Everything ( in a clothing retail store) has it’s own unique skew number. Granted some brands the skew number is the same for the same shirt in all sizes. But most brands, different colors, even if the same price, have different skew numbers. In my department, every style of jean, every size of jeans even if the same style  has a unique number. So I cannot simply just scan any ol’ jean. It’s for inventory reasons as well, how else can we keep track of what needs to be ordered/what is selling? I have to walk away from the register and line behind you to go retrieve a twin of the item you are trying to purchase. In my store, we don’t put items out on the floor without proper ticketing and when cleaning we remove any items without a ticket. But, we cannot help that customers rip off tickets all day long when trying things on or when stealing. Yes, stealing. Customers steal everyday in my store. Some customers just feel if they rip the tag off we will give it away for free or scan something less in value. Um. No. It doesn’t work that way.

2) So, you want that shirt that’s on the mannequin? Doesn’t matter that shirt doesn’t have tickets/pricing on it. Doesn’t matter its chock full of pins and needles to mold it to the mannequin. Doesn’t matter that mannequin in on top of table surrounded by neatly folded piles of clothes. Doesn’t matter it’s the middle of a sale day and I’m the only one on the floor in between line busting. No, you just want me to scale tables, wrestling with a 40 pound full body mannequin so you can have the 8 dollar tee shirt. Seriously, the shirt is not that cool. In my store, what the mannequins wear aren’t arbitrary either. We have a visual guide. Specifics items are chosen by corporate to showcase. So each morning, instead of having extra hands to put out merchandise and fill in, several people have to go through all three floors and check that each mannequin are wearing the proper clothing.

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3)Part of my job is greeting customers as they enter my area. For the most part, that’s easy and I don’t mind. What annoys me, because I’m being courteous to you doesn’t give you the right to unload about every bad shopping experience you’ve ever had. Maybe you should save your money and not buy clothes and spend that money on a shrink instead.


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4) Like I said it’s my job to greet customers. It’s also my job to customer assist them. I don’t mind, really, I don’t. In fact I prefer it. Instead of having you put your paws all over everything and messing everything up I much rather retrieve it neatly and quickly myself. So, when I walk over to you and ask you if you need help it’s really me asking you if you need help. I am not flirting with you or hitting on you. I work in the men’s department. Men’s Levis Jeans. So most of my customers are male. Insecure ladies, i can really do without your dirty looks. I don’t want your man. I’m just doing my job. And I’m not stalking you cause I think your stealing. If I think your stealing I ignore you and call security who would watch you on cameras. So people of the world, you really are not that interesting…get over yourself.

5)Our store policy for coupon use..sigh. It’s supposed to be one coupon per transaction. Technically if you want to get off the line and get back on you can do that countless times. Your coupon is supposed to be surrender at time of use. We do not have the coupon in store and we’re not supposed to keep them by the resisters. It is supposed to be presented by the customer. We’re told not to write it down or memorize the code. Yet, we’re also told if they ask for a coupon, but they don’t have one, scan it for them. What am I scanning exactly? We’re not keeping them around the registers or memorizing the coupon. We’re told not to use it for every customer but tell the customer about the coupon for the day and to just take care of the customer. What customer isn’t going to ask for a coupon if we have one? Then we get in trouble for over usage of the coupon.

So that’s just a few things that irk me daily at work. There is tons more. Maybe I’ll start a series out of this…

What about you all? What annoys you at your job?

  1. scyranth says:

    Pretty much the same stuff cuz I work in retail too lol …great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol sorry that you can relate! Retail has its pros but most of the time it’s a step stool of stupidity to get to the good stuff. Thanks for the read, comment and reblog 😀


      • scyranth says:

        lol np! yeah I’m a store manager for dollar tree here in Oklahoma..I’ve been in retail for over 20 years. Alot of my experience has been music, books and clothing retail. Yeah I can’t help but relate lol


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