My Ovaries are Feminists

Posted: September 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Man, the older I get the more out of whack I feel. I swear my hormones are going crazy. Not to be all TMI but, i used to get my female time of the month , no sweat. No problem. Now? I start getting hormonal a week and a half before.

Yesterday my ovaries went all feminist on me. All day long they were screaming I am woman here me roar. Look really, they were. I swear that’s a picture of my ovaries from last night.

roaring lion, roar , lion, angry, hormones


And I’m just like :

Seriously, it’s not that serious body. Do your thing once a month for 5-7 days and then I’ll go about my business. Honestly, I don’t complain when it’s my time of the month. I don’t mind paying my dues. It’s mother’s natures gift to me , telling me I’m not knocked up. So thank you, I accept my gift graciously.

What i don’t need like, is sitting down feeling like Freddy Kruger is trying to escape from inside me and bawling my eyes out watching an episode of House a full week before I even have my Aunt Flow.


If you need me, I’ll be off to the store to buy ice cream.


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