Your Teacher Lied To You

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Your teacher lied to you.

This post goes out to all the young ones. The ones in transition from being a young person to an adult. Or transitioning from school to the work force.

Don’t get me wrong. I love teachers. I’m still good friends with several teachers from my educational career. I love teachers and what they do to nature our minds and spirits.

But, they also lied about several things.  Here are two of my biggies.

1) Math

Oh how i hated math growing up. My math teacher always insisted we would use math skills in our future careers.  Besides the basic rudimentary addition and subtraction, sometimes division and sometimes percentages , in everyday real world life you will never use these math skills. Of course these are exempt for mathematical fields and scientific fields like engineering, architectural design or duh accounting fields. But if you are an everyday joe or jane working a cubicle job or retail job or a sales or customer service job… yeah you will never need nor use the math we learned and spent countless hours stressing over. I have yet to use quadratic equations or had to solve for x  for anything in my life. So yeah pass your class but if your passion isn’t a field specifying  an emphasis on mathematics, then don’t kill yourself. Half of whats in your math textbook you will never see again.

2) There is no such thing as a stupid question.

I remember each and every teacher I had opened their first day of class with that sentiment. I’m here to tell you that they are wrong and yes there is. There are far to many stupid questions. Folks, I work retail. I can assure you there are stupid questions. One thing teachers got right was to think before you speak. So please, if you have a question think before you ask it. Try to use your common sense. If you don’t yes everyone will judge you for asking a stupid question.

I’m sure there are more things schools taught us that were useless lies. But I’ll leave you with these two big pet peeves of mine.

How about your experience? What would you put on your list of things school lied about?

  1. ‘The bell does not dismiss you, I dismiss you!’

    what’s the bell for then?!

    That always got to me!


  2. Very Very true. I have yet to need science or math.


  3. Drie says:

    Well, I use math all the time in my job because I work as a support analyst for a health care tech company. But I use algebra all the time when doing photography, whether in studio or on location. Sometimes math is so innate in what you’re doing, that you don’t realize you’re using it.

    And yes, there are definitely stupid questions and stupid people. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.


  4. Well, maybe not a real lie, but stating that we should be able to start classes at 8h25 – like, really? For real really?
    Needless to say I have troubles getting up in the morning.

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