I Was Stuck In An Elevator

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I was almost taken out by an elevator.

My shift was over at 5pm. I lingered about my area to finish folding a pile and catch up with my favorite co-worker who i only get to see once a week for an hour( on Sundays). So it was 510 515ish when I was strolling off the floor. I stopped by the elevator but detoured to fill up my water bottle, sucking every last-minute I can out of my shift.

The elevator dinged opened, a co worker walked out and i said Ooo and side-stepped inside the elevator.

I pressed the button for the third floor ( I was on the first) and take out my phone to start texting the hubby. I hear the click past the second floor and held my breath that it was going to skip the floor and i watched the little counter change to three and I sighed ,happy,  I didn’t have to share an elevator. Then the elevator jumped. It always kind of jerks to a stop but then nothing happened. The door didn’t open. So i pressed the door open button. Nothing.

I look at the counter and now it read the 2nd floor.

What the hell? I put my phone away and try to figure out whats happenings.

So i press 3 again and then the little floor counter flat lined.

I’m serious there was no number just a line that looked like this —-

And then the elevator dropped.

Then all the lights on the floor counter panel went out and I hear the elevator click and clacking and then the numbers on the counter were just jumping trying to change to two and then going back to a flat line. So I pressed call cancel on the panel and just started pressing one and door open.

Nothing happens.

I wait a minute and the elevator is just at a stand still. The floor counter was flat lined.

Sighing I take out my phone again and try to call my store’s operator. At first no reception. SO i redial and get through.

“Yeah, I’m stuck in the elevator”
“Which floor?”
” I got on the first, I think it’s stuck between the first and second and it’s the elevator closest to the water fountain”
“Ok we”ll call security”

I wasn’t scared because this is not the first time the elevator has crapped out.
But then the lights went out

Then i hear people calling my name.


“Yes yes I’m fine put the lights back on though!”

Turned out security tried to reboot the elevators so turned the power off then turned it back on but that didn’t work.

SO I hear the security guy trying to pry open the doors. The doors would jiggle a little but wouldn’t budge.

I laughed.

He wasn’t strong enough to pry open the doors, and now these are big guys, big strong guys.

So i started texting. I texted my co-worker  like I’m stuck in the elevator. I texted the hubby and he asked are you still on the clock??

Luckily I was.

So I listen to security and HR and they decided to call the fire department

“Hold on Tasha! The fire department is coming!”

I couldn’t help it , I laughed again.

So i was texting my co worker and my hubby while just chilling in the elevator.

When I hear the sirens.

Oh good a rescue I thought

“Ma’am are you alright?! ” a manly gruff voice asks me.

“Yeah i’m good!”

And then for the next ten minutes I hear the firemen asking each other questions ” where’s this? where’s that?”

At one point they asked me to close the doors.
“The doors are closed”

Picture my what the fuck face.

I texted my co-worker ” I don’t think these firemen are that bright”

She went to investigate and responded to me “Oh God they are unscrewing shit”

Then i hear banging.

Lots and lots of banging.

And this was the only time i got a little bit worried because the banging was coming from ABOVE. I see light from a flash light peeking through the vent.

I thought they were trying to do some TV show rescue shit, like “give me your hand?! I’ll put you through a hatch!”

Nah uh boo boo, I’m plus size that shit is not going to work.

And I’ve been in the elevator for about 30 mins by now. I text my co-worker ” Customers get rescued so much faster”.

Finally, about 15 minutes later,  i hear  the doors squeak and slowly, ( and i mean slowly) it’s pried open.

I start forward and start to gush “THANK YOU!”  when I’m halted by a team of firemen. One of them standing slightly with his knees bent and spread as if he’s bracing himself extended his hand and screamed “GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

The elevator was a little off-center , about 3 inches below the floor so it was a little step up but seriously, it’s a little step.

Another fire men is screaming ” ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!”

I wont lie I was taken aback being bum rushed by all these firemen. I grabbed the guys hand like “Uh I’m fine” and I wanted nothing more to rush away from these men screaming in my face. One of them stops me ” Do you need a paramedic? DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL”

“What ? No.”

Then I was bum-rushed by the HR lady. She gave me a hug and was like omg are you okay omg you need water.

Folks. I was so confused. It wasn’t a skyscraper building. It’s three floors total. I was in the elevator for almost an hour but I was chit chatting with them periodically, I could hear them crystal clear and I was texting my co-worker who was standing right there. I was smiling and happy and walking out the elevator not passed out on the floor.

So i kind of high tailed it over my favorite store security guy like what. the. fuck.  He laughs. He asked me laughingly if I’m alright. I was like yeah, I was texting the whole time. He was like just chilling in there? I was like” yup and got paid for it!”. I did tell him he was lucky it was me and not a customer because of how the elevator dropped and I asked him if I needed to fill out a report. He said I was good to go and so that’s what I did.

Went upstairs and it took me a full ten minutes because  every associate was stopping me omg are you okay!

When I see my supervisor who just happened to be off on lunch break during the whole ideal i did scare him a  bit. I was like ” hey mister supervisor! Don’t  you listen to your radio?! Your prize associate almost died in the elevator I was stuck in there for an hour!!”


Overall, I wasn’t scared.  That elevator craps out all the time, firemen where there. The air was still on. I had cell service. I could hear everything going on. The lights where on. So i wasn’t scared.
The only time I got scared was afterwards by the onslaught of my rescue team. I felt a little bad afterwards for not properly thanking everyone. I did say a big thank you when I was first walking out the elevator but usually I would give a little speech but it was all a little ridiculous and extravagant. It’s been a few days and I’m still chuckling over the fire men. “GRAB MY HAND”  lol.


I feel like I was in epic action movie with the rescue squad I had.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate everyone for their concern and for the rescue. But one thing is for sure, I sure know how to make an exit . ..

  1. Hev says:

    Great story. It actually made me laugh out loud! I hate, hate, hate the idea of being stuck in an elevator and would’ve needed carrying out! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. Dont get me wrong, if it was any other elevator I would of freaked too. But a small elevator with a total of 3 floors that breaks down all the time and i has cell service..so it was more entertaining than scary. But if i was in a building with 90 floors i would of been screaming my head off lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. goldfish says:

    Good thing you had your phone. My biggest fear with being trapped in an elevator is that no one would even notice.


  3. janeybgood says:

    I probably would’ve freaked out tbh. I think I would’ve been found in some semi-feral state haha.

    Go you for being so brave! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The elevators that usually get stuck are those on hydraulic lifts, usually in buildings with fewer than six floors. I used to work in a 3-story building with one elevator that was always getting stuck. After spending 90 minutes in it one time, I forever swore to take the stairs if I was going to floor six or lower.

    Of course, movies like us to think that elevators in the 100-story towers are the ones that fail all the time because it makes for a more exciting movie…………..LOL


  5. kazy07 says:

    Have you seen the movie “Devil (2010)” 😛


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