The New Year

Posted: January 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Hey kiddies!
I trust the new year has been treating you well. As you all already know, my laptop has died…rest its precious soul.  I have tons of stuff I want to update about but lets be honest,  typing on a phone isn’t the same.

But somethings are on my mind and I feel the urge to unload a little.

I have a job interview coming up. And its scaring the shit outta me.

I guess when you spend over two years at a place you’re bound to feel a connection. Though at times my job sucks, really really sucks. I still like being in charge of my unofficial department. I like that the whole stores knows not to mess with my stock and I like how even management refers to me for Levis. And I like the random aspect of working retail. You just never know what’s going to walk into your department.

It’s been a exceptionally  bad season. I was like a bad customer magnet.

Yet still, through all the crap I feel connected to this place. I don’t know if its the fear.  Fear of the new and unknown.  Fear of taking chances.  Fear of losing the job security and good standing I acquired. Fear of working a job I won’t love.

This interview I have coming up, I have people willing to back me up too. Of course I have to interview and pass the interview but I have.creditable people within the company willing to vouch for me.

I’ll be stupid to pass it up.

I’m definately going to the interview.  I don’t want to pass up something good because of fear or lack of courage.  It’s just if this job is a better offer I have to take it and would have to resign my current job. This new job is an on call type job with no set hours. It’s an agency for people with special needs. Your job could be anything from in house mentoring to teaching a person how to go to the corner store. You could be a job coach or really anything. They hire you in as a filler what needs to be done and at the same time your gaining experience and being trained across the board.

It’s different. It’s new.  I’m just scared to give up a place where I’m held in high regards.  Then again, people’s opinion of me isn’t going to put money in my bank account…

New year, new things….right?

  1. Go for it C.O.C. Sending good vibes.

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  2. Hev says:

    Good luck with the interview. The job sounds very interesting, and rewarding. Leaving the familiar is always scary and it takes real guts to even agree to the interview so well done, you should be proud of yourself 🙂

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  3. Awe thank you for the encouragement


  4. cc solomon says:

    A lot of people stay at jobs because of comfort. I think the thing to ask yourself is where do you want to be in five years. Is this new opportunity something that can get you there? It doesn’t even have to be a career focus? Will the new job get you to your happy place in life? I stepped back from a management job that was killing me, the commute was long, the hours were long, the people were mean and I wasn’t doing anything creative. I have a new job that is a break from that, will still allow me to get back to my career path one day but my quality of life is ten times better. Good luck to you to going for what is right for your life!


  5. Oh no! I remember when my hard drive died a few months ago & it felt like my entire world was quickly crumbling to pieces! Welcome back. & Happy New Year! (:

    ♥ | | xoxo


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