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The hubby, for those of you that don’t know, is a Brain Cancer patient. Back in 2011 he had a seizure attack for the first time in his life that sent us to the hospital .While there he had an abnormal seizure, a seizure that would not stop nor respond with IV medication. With four nurses and a doctor practically sprawled across him, they told me they needed to medically induce a coma. It was then we found out he had a massive brain tumor and he under went a craniotomy four days later. 3 days before his 25th birthday we got the diagnosis of Olidenglioma, Stage 3 brain cancer. He underwent radiation and chemotherapy and since 2012 he has been in a stable condition with no active cancer.

The hubby was feeling sick recently, for some time. But, it was more so other parts of his body. He basically felt like he had arthritis. He was having really low stamina, couldnt walk much or far without tiring to the point where he felt like he was going to pass out. He was having more and more pains throughout his body and was unsteady.  My expert googling research skills , i discovered it’s a possibility that his joints were damaged from radiation and chemo, doesn’t happen often but it’s a slight chance. But, all these problems he was having were not necessarily in the radiation zone.  So it  was just weird. So, we walked into the doctors office to try to get some answers.

I’m the only person in the world that walks in for one appointment and leaves with six others.

So, that’s how i found myself working my crappy schedule and any day off i had was filled with running to these appointments and doing errands.

Then, something happened. I got called back from the really awesome job i interviewed for. I had to run to appointments for that …medical one day…fingerprinting another.. paperwork here…and then finally I was told I was hired . So i started working right away,middle of the week, March 11th.

I was already burnt out from not having a real day off for two weeks and then working two jobs on  those three days… basically working 15 hour days.  I was feeling it and asked to be taken off the schedule at my retail job for the upcoming Sunday. To have a day off.  Then i would be working my new job that upcoming week mon -fri in the mornings and afternoon then nights and weekend at my retail job. I wanted a day to regroup and prepare.

March  15th was the day that was supposed to be my day off. I worked closing the night before and planned to stay in bed for as long as i could. Off in the distance in my sleepy mind, I hear the hubby wake up and start his morning. I heard him leave the room and then come back. I heard him cleaning up. I heard him sit on the bed and listening to his ipod.

I was aware of him but i was still content and sleeping and snuggling in my million blankets. I sense him sit up on the bed and take his headphones off and heard him fumbling around for the remote control to the tv.  I snuggle harder in my blanket, just happy to be home and in bed with my love and was ready to drift back into a deep sleep.

Then i felt him jerk back and “fall” on me. Not hard. But sudden. It was brief and then i felt him sit back up. Then all of a sudden dropped back on me. I sleep mostly on my stomach with my face in my pillow.  I was like what the hell is this boy doing but then i didnt feel him move again so I was like aww I’m getting a cuddle.

Then i heard it. A sound I’ve only heard twice in my life and never thought I would hear again in my life.

A primal groaning sound that made me jerk my head out in panic.

Then i felt the hubby having convulsions.

I struggle with his weight and to push myself up off my stomach and all i see is the hubby convulsing and that guttural sound . I struggle to do all the things I’m supposed to do, hold his head and tilt his body to the side so he doesn’t choke on the saliva and blood.

Tears stream down my face as i count. His seizure was violent and lasted just over a minute. For a full few minutes after he struggled to regain regular breathing and clear his air ways from the saliva and blood . Crying, all i could do was hold his head and whisper reassurances to him.

He came out of the covulsions but was delusion. It was a full five minutes before he registered my voice at all.  He was laying in bed and tossing from side to side , sit up and fall back and repeat.  After five minutes he finally responded to me verbally and I immediately dressed myself with yesterdays outfit still on the chair.

All the while i keep talking to Omar trying to coax his out of his daze. He wasn’t aware of his surroundings or what happened.

I run to get my brother and tell him I need him to drive us to the hospital.

Tears running freely, i talk Omar through sitting up and I dressed him. Still, he wasn’t aware of what was going on.

It was 10:03 in the morning when Omar had a seizure attack.

The hubby was unsteady and barely able to move his legs. He was moving like walking through quick sand.  I got him into the car  at 10:35am and in the car he started to regain memory and understanding but was still not there. He didn’t know the month, the year. He didn’t know his birthday. It took him a long pause to remember who I was.

It wasn’t until we were at the hospital 10:50am that he started to regain normal brain functioning.  He knew me, the date, the year, his birthday. He had no recollection of the entire morning.

At the hospital we both broke down.

Omar only had a seizure before from the pressure of the tumor. Without a tumor , he wasn’t supposed to ever have one again.

But, March 15th 2015, he had the third seizure of his life.

  1. Hi Tash, that sounds awful. Praying that everything will be ok for you both x

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  2. It is a scary thing being in a position lile that though. Prayers for both of you.

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  3. -Angela- says:

    How scary & heartbreaking. My child just had her first seizure in 6 years & it was so scary. I cannot imagine this happening to my hubby & me trying to get him to the hospital. Thoughts & prayers with you. ❤


    • Sorry, i missed your comment! I have been blogging via phone exclusively for months and this comment never showed up. Logged onto a computer and blogging from my laptop for the first time and i see a whole lot of comments from various bloggers and some comments stuck in spam box. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I hope you child is recovering and i appreciate your thoughts and prayers.


  4. kazy07 says:



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