Waiting Room Waiting

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I thinking waiting room waiting is waiting of the worst kind. Here I sit, alone, with a chiper morning game show playing in the background.  If I hear a buzzer one more time I just may throw my shoe at the TV.

And I’ve tried every seat in this waiting room, all seem to be under a sub zero degree vent. Like seriously do you not believe in heat?!

The worst part is not knowing.  The control is out of your hands. Maybe the hubby will get sick in there. Maybe he will have a sezisure. Maybe they find what we dred finding.  The radiologist could be in there right now trying to capture the best angle of something. And that’s what’s scary. That these are the moments where they’ll may be something.

You sit here and wait and can only imagine what the test will uncover.

Waiting room waiting is time being held captive to your nightmares.

Atleast for me.

The hubby usually sleeps throughout his testing and procedures.

  1. emmagc75 says:

    Sending you good thoughts!

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  2. Best wishes to you and Omar x

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