Screws Are Loose

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So we got the results. Mri came back clean. No regrowth or cancer activity yet. The cavitity is depicting normal changes and collapsing as expected.

But, the hubby has been have issues, shakes and tremors and cluster headaches.  So we asked what’s going on cause usually that’s attributed to tumor /cancer activity.

After some investigation,  the doctor determined the hubbys screws are loose.


So we weren’t aware screws were used to reattach the hubby’s skull. I was aware they use this mesh but the docs never specified about screws and right after surgery i was more worried about him being alive and functioning.  So we kind of just found out he had screws in his head.

What’s happening is the skin, fat and tissue is trying to grow and heal. But because of the location, it’s taking long and having problems cause its constantly being touched. So basically there is nothing cushioning the screws yet. And when there is pressure, its from grinding on the skull cause there is no fat as a barrier, i.e. his screws are loose without a protective barrier or fat. This is causing most of his problems, but particularly head pressure and sensitivity to weather causing migranes.

So it’s nice to have answers. But now it’s another waiting game. Basically the hubby has to try really hard not to touch or sleep on that spot and use protective gear to cushion the area. And just wait and see how it heals.  At the same time, if it doesn’t heal properly he’s at risk for infection.

So no cancer, but looming possibility of infection.

But a lot makes sense now, like electronics have static when the hubby is close by…

Some pics of the cancer center






  1. your husband is in my prayers…

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