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I haven’t cut my hair in three years.  I’ve meant to cut it. Many times.

It was always tomorrow.

Or next check.

Tomorrow came and went.

Checks filtered in and out of account.

My hair still grew and grew.

Three years,  in the blink of an eye.

But that’s life.  We put things off and put them off and before we know it the opportunity has passed on by.

Well, I didn’t cut my hair…It was an accident.

I asked the hubby to take off an inch…maybe two…of the split ends/dead frizz and the ends. Just a basic snip snip to get rid of the really bad part.

We’ll he did. He took off an inch or two.

He then told me it’s not even, to turn around let him even it out.

I didn’t even hear snip snips snipping.

He announced he was done and I turn around and looked at the floor.

A mountain of hair was on the floor.

I quickly go to run my hands through my hair and it ended so fast! I’m used to smoothing out my hair and sweeping my hands endlessly through its length.

But it ended too soon.

He took off five or six inches.

My hair is still long, just pass the middle of my back. But this folks is how I got an accidental hair cut.

And you know what, I’m glad.

My hair looks better.

Sometimes if left to our own accord, we never make the decisive ” snip”. Sometimes,  we have to let go of control and let others pave way. 


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