Missing a step

Posted: December 2, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I work in a day service program for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

We teach life skills and promote and encourage independence.

I guide outtings and when in doors I run group lessons.

I always try to include arts and crafts. Sometimes, it’s as simple as coloring or paper plates decoration.

Being that it’s December,  I’m jumping on the Christmas theme.

Yesterday,  after doing the “work” group , I planned to have a relaxing day doing art. I printed out Christmas theme coloring pages, stockings, ornaments ,merry Christmas logos and gift tags you can decorate. My co worker printed out circulars of various stores. We were making our Christmas Wish list, they could cut out things they liked, decorate their wish list etc. Also, making Christmas cards.  We then pin up their cards and posters to spruce up the office.

While in the spirit, we got excited a little bit. We are running low on art supplies but we wanted to make some decorations. We had the bright idea to make paper snow flakes.

To mighty pinterest we went to for a tutorial.

Dude, three staff memebers later and all we managed to make was confetti.


We were trying so hard. Following the steps. Step one? Done. Step two? Ok got it! Step three? A little confusing but finished. Step four.. .. Wtf! How did you make this magical snow flake?!! How you go from THAT to THIS?!!

We just felt we were missing a step.

We skipped something.

Something was left out…

Then enters one of my clients.  He glanced at the tutorial and he was like I got this.

Less than four mins later,  he made this: 


Pretty amazing right.

And that folks is the message of the day. It’s my job to teach, encourage and inspire.

But everyday my clients inspire me. The world so often tells people with disabilities that they cannot, there is no way. So often they are boxed out and over looked.

Yet here we are, three staff members baffled by a arts and crafts project we done in kindergarten.  While we’re left stumbling, trying to figure out the step we “missed” and then giving up, others tackle it head on and make their own way. It may be different, but that’s okay.


Like a snow flake, each  one of a kind and beautiful in their own way.


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