Intruder Shooter

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I’ve lost count of the amount of trainings I’ve had to attend.

You all know the kind, the ancient videos from the 80’s with the out dated catch phrases.

For my job, once a month we have a big staff meeting in the main headquarters.  That means I have my regular group to run. I have to rush back, rush my paperwork, then head back out and troop for an hour and half to the main head quarters .

Never happy to go there.

At the last meeting , they opened the laptop and started up the projector and we all died a little inside. Another training video.

I’ll admit this one was updated and different.  It was a few days after the Paris terrorist attacks. So, they showed up a video called intruder shooter.

We all begrudgingly watched this video in which they instruct you what to do if someone comes into the building and starts shooting.  The typical stuff. Run, hide or fight. We all joked when the crying screaming completely hysterical girl came on screen and even our director jokingly/half serious was teasing that if she was there with that banshee screaming,  that girl would of got slapped.

We moaned and groaned and joked. But at the end we took it seriously.


When we got back to the office,  we had a discussion among us co-workers trying to map out our plan.  Realisticly? Because of the layout of our office,  there is no where to run or hide. We have one exit. We’re on the fifth floor, no fire escape. And only elevators, that fit 8 people max.  And the amount of people we have at any given time,  there is no way to save everyone.

That leaves fighting. Which because of our population we work with is kind of not an option.  If us staff ambush an intruder and win…ok. But if we loose, that leaves our clients extremely vulnerable.

It’s a tough situation.

At the end of the day,  it wasn’t really a worry. Who would travel to the ghetto and intrude on a random office in a building that’s half closed down (bank that owned the building closed down so the first floor isn’t operational)?

Then,  the shooting in California happened this week.

I was just getting in from work. I dont really “stay connected” throughout the day. We arent allowed to use our phones for personal use while on the job. Rightfully so, it’s a distraction when your supposed to be engaged with your clients.
But, I don’t really watch TV or the news or anything.

But, my dad does.

I was in the other room and I hear my dad watching the news.  I heard “shooting ” and it caught my attention so I went into the living room to see what was going on.

As I’m watching the news coverage, and they announced a shooting took place at a center I screamed aloud “OMG INTRUDER SHOOTER “!!


It happened at a center for individuals with developmental disabilities. Granted that building hosted other functions, like that day an event for a public forum was being held. But, it was a center nonetheless.

It’s random , but terrible people do terrible things.  As much as we are in denial about it, it happens and can happen anywhere.

These seneseless acts are just that,  senseless. No rhyme or reason.

The most we can do is be cautious.  And live every day like it’s your last. It just very may be. I’m not saying live your life in fear. I’m saying live your life. Go on and be happy. Be positive.  Be kind.

Because if we don’t, then these senseless people win.


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