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I got sad news the other day. I was hopeful for a good outcome. It has left me feeling somber and reflective.

And I’ve been pouring that into the Christmas spirit.

I bought some lights and strung it above my door to my room


I redid my Christmas corner.  I bought little presents and snow and added it the display.


I bought Christmas stockings,  one for me and one for the hubby. Of course I got stuffers for them too. (Didn’t take a picture)

Then the bestie came over and we attempted to make a gingerbread cottage.


My side


Her side





I bought Christmas cards and candy canes. Today I plan to write out cards and finish wrapping gifts.

This week, I will attend a funeral for a dear lady that helped me become an adult.  She always took the time to explain and make sure us young folk were informed of the options and choices we had with benefits, 401k, stocks and investments and pto. She always took into consideration your personal life and tried her best to accomadate you with your schedule.  When I was stuck in an elevator for 45 mintues, she was the first face I saw and gave me the biggest hug.  In a retail store, having a boss that cares is hard to come by. If she was assigned to my case when I took a leave of absence for the hubby’s surgery,  I may still be working there. But, because someone else was in charge of my case, I was treated with such disgrace it’s what prompted me to resign and cut the strings. Had I had here, I know she would of hugged me and cried with me and made sure I was take care of.

The world lost a good soul yesterday.

She will be forever missed.

But, she will also be the joy behind this Christmas season.


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