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When I hear the word paws, I immediately think of dogs and then think of my Bianca.  I love paw prints.  And Bianca has such tiny paws.Sometimes,  when it snows I try to lead her onto fresh patches of snow so I can see her tiny paw prints.

Too bad for me , she’s lazy. Oh an she’s a princess. Her paws get wet and she will pick up her front paw and extend it up to me like “Ma, I have sullied my perfect perfection of fur!”

A dog’s life is tough.

The Challenge : Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Here is a copy and paste of the prompt. Please be sure to check the page for the rules if you wish to join in. SoCs is being multi purposed as the Just Jot It January daily post . Posting this early but this is intended for tomorrow’s prompt obviously.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “pause/paws.”  Use one, use both, use ’em any way you’d like. Have fun!”


It’s ironic.  I actually wasn’t famailar with this word. Upon reading the defination it was like a light bulb went off.

This is the problem I’m having with my current job. They’re pensnickety.

They demand attention to detail, often emphasising minor and trivial aspects.
They’re fussy.

I’ve been looking to explain my frustration with my job and could never find an adequate word to describe it.

For those that don’t know, I work in a day service program for individual with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. We teach life skills and guide outings.

Now, I love my job. I left my retail job for this job. But, the company keeps making changes and changes.  They mean well. But, in the end all they are accomplishing is putting stress and strain on staff.

Instead of focusing on clients and their goals, they are micro managing everything else from who’s in our groups, paperwork, to when and where we do what. For a day service program, the best days with real learning experience happens unplanned. Like real life, we go out and experience the world. We learn and experience things that occur from purchasing items, finding a restroom to how to handle the crazy lady on the train. I can’t plan that. We just have to go out and see what happens. Of course, I don’t rely on happenstance. I address behaviors as they occur and I present topics and I do various work sheets (like having a class)  every morning. I do my job and do it well.

But the company being Persnickety is ruining it.

They’re certain things you can micromanage.  Then, they’re things you just have to naturally let unfold.

With my type of work, putting limits and restrictions and nit picking minor details only defers from providing the absolute  best services.

In the end, it isn’t how the company looks on paper. It’s about our clients, and if they are learning, maturing and being happy.

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Enjoy and be safe everyone