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I used to love cats. My friend from elementary school had the cutest cat in the world. I would waltz into her house and announce “I want to pet the kitty!” before greeting the humans in the house. I was just one of those people that preferred cats over dogs.

I think because my aunt always owned a pack of dogs. But, not just any dogs. Big gigantic dogs. As a child, I was eye level with their teeth. I think that put me off from dogs for most of my childhood.

As i was becoming a teenager, i started opening up to all animals in general. When I turned 18, my best friend at the time moved out on her own.

And she got a dog.

A tiny little dachshund.

I remember her bringing the dog over to my house. My mother had a strict no pet rule. We were smuggling the puppy inside my house, we weren’t going to leave a new puppy alone in her apartment and she wanted to hang out a little. We were trying to shush the little tic tac of paws on the floor of the hallway.  Scared my mother would hear the little puppy, we picked up the little doggie and ran to my room. Then the yip yapping puppy barks started.

I was in love.

I wanted a dog.

That’s how it began. I went from a cat lady to an instant dog lover.

But, i lived at home with my parents. My mother was anti-cats because she didn’t want them to scratch up the carpets and couches. My dad was anti- dogs, because he said he didn’t want to walk a dog and pick up their poop. The only pets we were allowed were fish.

So, i lived at home and just loved animals from afar.
dog, dogs, pets, pet, animals, animal, fur baby
Then, my dad fell ill. He was in the hospital for long while and spent some time in a nursing home. When he finally returned home, he refused to stay inside the house. He would sit outside from 6am to 6pm coming inside only to eat and use the bathroom.

I understood, after spending months and months inside a hospital and nursing home, he just didn’t want to be indoors. He wasn’t well to go out on outings. We would walk afew short blocks to the avenue ( I would escort him, he had that walker that doubled as a seat so he could take a break when needed). But, he really couldn’t  go far. Plus, he needed IV medication so we always had to be home at a set time. It was summer. So i figured what’s the harm with him sitting outside. It’s better then watching TV all day.

Little did we know, people walking their dogs and neighbors further up the block and from across the street, thought he was a lonely, sad , old man with no friends and family.

That’s why one of my neighbors rescued a dog and gave it to my dad.

It was just before 7am, when I got a phone call from my dad. He said “come meet your dog!” Now, my dad wasn’t in great mental standing, having suffered a stroke. So, i thought he kidnapped a dog. The hubby and i just jumped up and opened the room door and …

And we see this:293925_2095766754018_2018258596_n


The neighbor saw my dad everyday while walking his dog. My neighbor rescues dogs as a side project. He figured he would ask my dad first before he looked for a home for the dog. He had good intentions. He asked my dad if he wanted the dog for company, a little dog that should be low maintenance ( ha! she’s a fur ball full).

I loved her instantly. So did the hubby. So did my dad. My mother took all of 30 seconds before she went “awe” ( telling you Bianca knows how to use her cuteness). So that’s how we got Bianca. A neighbor thought my dad was a lonely old man with no family and needed company.

My dad walks her everyday.

I became a proud pet parent, because almost ten years ago one little dachshund  yip and yapped and opened the door for dogs to curl up in my heart.

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