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Today for Just Jot It January, we will be combining Stream of Consciousness Saturday and JusJoJan.

The prompt for today is “Title”.

I actually struggled with this post. The goal is to jot down the first movie title that popped into your head and use that title in your post. Doesn’t necessarily have to be about the actual movie, you could drop the movie title in your post or write a post with the theme of the title. Get creative. But also this is a stream of consciousness writing.

My problem is, I’m not much of a movie watcher anymore. I don’t go to the movies, unless its for work and I’m taking a group and even then my clients choose the movie. At home, sure the hubby and I will watch a movie from time to time but we’re more of TV shows people. So, I’m sitting here trying to will a specific movie title to pop into my head.

Then, it was like flashes. Different scenes from movies were passing through my head. I felt like I was there with a net chasing trying to catch one. Still, not a specific movie was standing out.

Finally, one movie title became clear and focused. Fantastic Four.

Well, hell i couldn’t even tell you the correct tittle to the movie. It was the second Fantastic Four movie that was released over the summer. I couldn’t even tell you what the movie was about. I have never saw it.

I bet your wondering why this movie, out of all the actual movies I have saw, is popping out in front of all the others.

As you may know from previous posts, I work for a day services program.  Confidentiality and all that, I can’t give to much details. But, I have a client who is deaf. He doesn’t know English well, he is learning to read and write. He doesn’t know sign language either. He’s learning a little everyday. He’s eager to learn. It’s very hard to communicate with him. I know some American sign language and I try my best to teach signs to him. We mostly communicate with affiliation and visuals.  It makes it hard to get to know him and his interests. Most of the time, he’s a loner and content to use a computer or draw in his notebook.

One day during an outing he scared the hell out of me. He ran ahead of the group. I was like oh crap, I’m going to loose him and was having a mini panic attack. Obviously he’s deaf so i cannot call out after him. I just so happened to also have a wheelchair client that day so i couldn’t exactly ditch my wheel chair client and run after him. Thus, i had a deer and headlights moment as i realized how bad this situation is. Then as fast and randomly as he took off running, he stopped in the middle of a crowded busy street, about faced, scanned the crowd until he made eye contact with me and started  wildly waving and pointing across the street. I was too deer and headlights mode to do anything other than look to where he was gesturing . It was a city bus. The ad on the city bus was for a moving coming soon: Fantastic Four.

Then he started signing one of the few signs he knows “Good”.

When we got back to the office he ran inside and went straight to the DVD player we had and fused about looking through the DVD’s. He found the original Fantastic Four dvd and with the biggest smile ever was signing Good over and over.

When the new Fantastic Four movie came out, i requested he be taken to the movies to see it. I didn’t personally get to take him, but he did get to go.

For weeks he drew and colored various Fantastic Four symbols in his notebook.

Then, out of nowhere, he discovered Dr. Who and Fantastic Four is a thing of the past.

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