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Sane Just Jot It Jan 10th

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Jan 10 – Sane

This prompt made me chuckle. Sane. It’s not that I find mental health amusing. I don’t. It’s the timing of this topic couldn’t have been worse.

And honestly i’m mental health out. The hubby has been struggling with his own mental stability and in turn i had the worst holiday season ever walking on eggshells.

My job is working with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Mental health included. A day is never without incident.

I have never  felt any less sane then I do right now.  I’m not going to lie. I’m struggling.

Yesterday, was a particularly rough day. Every little thing was irking me. I was struggling all day to hold on to my sanity.

I was actually kind of afraid. I was afraid I was going to say something aloud that I could not take back. I was afraid I was going to cause damage to relationships that could not be repaired.

I was trembling with frustration and i was on edge. I literally had to lock myself in my room.

I angry cleaned . You know that cleaning spree where you just start rearranging furniture, that storage bin that you always had but never opened. I opened every thing and tossed things wildly and shoved and packed storage containers. I might have adamantly cursed out some particularly heavy storage bins that refused to close once I opened it and tossed in more items.

It was just one of those of that day my control almost broke. While i have noy lost touch with reality and i can still talk pep talk myself … i’m just tired of doing just that.My sanity wants a vacation. And I’m running out of
excuses to say no to that.

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