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Oh boy. The prompt for today is “collection”. This is in participation of Just Jot It Jan. Please visit Linda’s Blog to join in anytime.

Confession, I’m a bit of a hoarder. I collect all kind of things. My big spender: books. I hoard collect books.

How many books do I own?



This is one shelf. Just one. There is the front rows, and there are even more rows in the back. This shelf alone has about 100 books.

Oh Yeah, the hubby is a collector as well. He collects action figures, car models, comic books, football cards and video games.
So this was our attempted his/her shelving.  One shelf to display his favorite action figures, and one shelf for my books.

books, reading, book, collection, imagination
Then, I have a TV stand and the bottom of the stand is home to about 75 books. Cheat code activated here, I buy volumes or omnibus. So if you want to be technical, I have more than one book in one physical book. Sometimes, the hubby and I agree we can buy one thing each, he’ll get an action figure and I’ll get a book. Well,  I’ll cheat and buy a volume and get three or four books in one. I’m not ashamed. It’s  a loophole in our compromise.   I use the TV stand shelves to hold these bigger books that are volumes or omnibus’.

Then, I took over my dad’s entertainment center in the living room. These hold series that are my favorite or in great condition or series I own the complete set. I would guesstimate about 100-150 books in this location.

Then, I have books in my closet. On the floor of the closet , sorted into stacks of read and  unread. I haven’t counted in awhile but i would guesstimate about 200 books.

I do own a Kindle. Actually, I have two. Let’s not even venture to how many books I have electronically. books, reading, book, read , imagination, love

I still have ever single book from college as well, from literature to textbook. I easily have 100 books from college because I was a nerd and got everything on the reading list. Having a book voucher also helped with that.

And i did donate close to 200 books to the library two( three?) summers ago.  So that cleared out a lot of books.  This was during an angry cleaning spree binge. I acted fast so didn’t have time to think too much . I bagged up a few bags of books and my uncle dropped it off at the library the same day. I think i would dragged the bags back to my closet the next day after my angry cleaning spree. But, the books were already in a new home.

So, i think i can positively say I collect books.

I would have much more if i had the space. I’m simply out of space. I stopped buying hard copies unless it’s to a series I currently own and am staying up to date with.  I just have no where to put any more books.

I prefer reading with hard copies/ paperbacks. I love to read from printed books. I just feel I have to own everything I read. I love having the option of re-reading.  Sometimes, i back track when reading. It’s so much easier to just turn pages to where I want to back track too. And when I’m reading in a frenzy, there’s the extra oomph of furiously turning the pages.

My price possession is having a complete series ( and all in the same format/original artwork!).

books, book, read, reading , imagination, wonder, love I’m a bit obsessed i know.

But, atlas, I have to wave the white flag. I simply have no where to keep hoarding collecting my precious books. So, I’ve been buying mostly kindle books.

Truth be told, I have been having a rough time keeping up with reading. Two years in a row I failed my attempted reading challenge, 100 books.  The first year, I was pretty close at 80 something. Last year, I was no where close about 40 books. This year, I again signed up for the same challenge, I have three books down so far but  i feel i usually would be close to 6 or 7.  The year is young, so we’ll see how my reading challenge goes this year.

So,  yes. I collect. I collected many things over the years. But, books is the only thing that remain ever growing.


books, book, read, reading, imagination, wonderland, love

Author’s Note: I missed blogging yesterday ( 1//16/15) because I was a bit under the weather.  However, i’m making it up today. SoCs is being multi-purposed for Just Jot it Jan post.

This was the prompt for Stream of Consciousness writing for Saturday.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “what.”  Start your post with the word “What.” Bonus points if the final word of your post starts with a “w.”  Have fun!”

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Just Jot It January 16th – What #SoCS

What is my purpose in life? I know, that’s a pretty grand concept But, that’s the first thought that came into my mind when i sat down with  this prompt. What is my purpose? What is my gift to the world? It’s something I’ve been pondering a lot lately.

If i was to die tomorrow, what would be my legacy? What would i leave behind for people to remember me? Will they remember me? Or would i just fade away…

What would people say about me? Would people stand in circles and whisper in hushed voices  at my funeral? What would they say? Would people smile fondly at my memory? What would people feel with my absence?

Would life go on turning, regardless. What happens next? How do my loved ones go on?

I know I am young. I have a lot of emotions and care and compassion. I do work in a rewarding field. But, staff there comes and goes. I know if i was to stop working for my program, a few months later I would be just be another person that once worked there, name forgotten.

And typically , I’m not one for recognition. I don’t like to stand out. I like to hold the spot light on others and wave the poms poms on the sidelines. So, it’s a struggle for me. I want to do great things. But, what great things, i cannot say. I haven’t the slightest clue to be honest.

I’ve been contemplating going back to school. Again, what field? To pursue what? General degree? That seems like a waste of time. I haven’t found that one purpose yet. I have goals and aspirations but towards nothing in particular. I can’t seem to “figure it out”.

And i don’t want to waste my youth. I don’t want to waste my emotions. I fear that my talents, whatever they may be cause I have no idea, are withering away without me ever using them.

Maybe, I’m put on this earth for a reason. I feel like i keep walking in circles and missing the sign with the arrow that says THIS WAY!

These are the thoughts that plague me. What impact I have on people, on life, on the world. Am I wasting time? What should I be doing?

Does my existence matter?

And if it does, to whom?