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Jan 18th
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When I hear the word elegance I’m immediately vaulted back into time. I think of Victorian Era where ladies wore corsets and ridiculously puffy dresses. I think of how one aspired to be “lady-like” and presented themselves with proper manners and etiquette . When out at a ball you conducted yourself with grace and elegance.

I also think how fake all of it is.

And how oppressive.

While, the elegance and sense of grander is something that appeals to me. I love reading and watching movies in this time period.  Through my progressive lens, I just notice how stifling it all must of been.

Sometimes, i fantasize about living during this era. How nice it must of been to have men with a sense of honor and chivalry. To be courted.
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Then, i think of my personality and I would of been an old maid, never married.

I am anything but elegant. Hell, I’m barely a girly girl.

I grew up playing in the dirt with the boys. I rode bikes and jumped fences. I had scraped knees and elbows. I was always dirty from outdoor play.

It’s safe to say , i didn’t play with barbies.

As a teenager, i did have a diva phase.  But that comes and goes. I’m always a jeans and tee shirt and sneakers type of gal. Hair haphazardly tossed up into a pony tail.

The last time i wore make up was Halloween. The last time i dressed up must of been over the summer. Everyday, i wear jeans and tee shirt ( sweaters now that it’s winter in my part of the world).

I’m just not that girly.
vintage, elegace , victorian era, proper, girly girl
I lounge when I sit. I don’t sit up straight. I speak my mind.

I have no elegance.

Sure, I can be professional and proper and have manners.  But, if i have choice?





Nope, not this lady.
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