Climate. Just Jot It Jan 19th

Posted: January 19, 2016 in Just Jot It January
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Jan 19 – Climate

Today’s prompt is “climate”. Please visit Linda’s page for the full list of participants for Just Jot It Jan.

Well, this climate sure has been something else that’s for sure. I’ll be honest, mother nature is sure scaring me.

The amount of heat we had this year. Our Fall was more like a Spring. Then, it was cold and we finally thought winter arrived. Then back to 70 degree weather.

I don’t even know how to dress anymore. It was freezing cold all week. Then yesterday I was dying of heat from wearing my winter jacket, a hoody would of been fine.

This morning it was raining.

Now, it’s snow flurries outside. The first real appearance of snow we had in tri-state NY.  That’s another thing. Winter started a month ago, but we barely experienced winter like weather. Last year we were knee deep in snow.8715807034e21e305ec39c290abd225b

I recall a few weeks ago, it was hot outside. Legitimately hot. I texted the hubby, like this is it, this is the end. This climate has lost it.

  1. joey says:

    It does feel that way, doesn’t it? We’ve had similar weather.

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  2. herheadache says:

    I am a little afraid too, but people just keep saying the weather has always gone up and down, fifty years ago even.

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  3. LindaGHill says:

    It feels like winter here! I think there are some weird winds out there, messing things up.

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  4. Deb says:

    I know I take it forgranted,and even wish for the extreme weather sometime. But I really should be happy I live close to the equator where my temperature ranges are 20-35 degrees(approx). Hope the weather settles

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  5. Judy Martin says:

    It’s been the same over here too! Yes it is a little bit unnerving.

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  6. Morgaine620 says:

    Indeed it has lost I fear 🙂

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