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Jan 21 – Mittens

Today’s Prompt is “Mittens”.
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mittens, gloves, winter, cold, apparel

I want these!!

Funny, i hated mittens as a child. But, now as an adult, i would kill for a pair. I haven’t found one adult size that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Well, I haven’t looked too hard to be honest.

Gloves hinder my usage of my fingers. From cell phone using, to walking and doing things. I can’t even work my wallet with gloves on. I have to take the whole glove off during my morning commute to work to use my gadgets while on the train. Then to work my purse and wallet and cash while buying breakfast and coffee. Then who has time while trying to gather your items and purchases to re-glove when the next person is trying to order over your shoulder? It’s too hectic in the morning time, everyone in a rush for the commute to work.

So, i always end up glove-less.

But mittens? My whole hand does not have to freeze. I just flip it back and BOOM my fingers are there and i have usage of them. I can go about my routine while my hands stay partially warm. Then it’s so much easier to flip it back over when outside and on the go carrying morning coffee and breakfast. I no longer risk breaking a tooth trying to hold my breakfast bag with my teeth while I try to reapply my gloves.

I really want a pair of mittens.