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Jan 22 – Felicity

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Today’s Prompt is “felicity”. Visit Linda’s blog for full lists of rules and participants.

Felicity is defined as intense happiness. What makes you intensely happy? I know for me nothing makes me more happy than coming home to my hubby and my dog. Love. Loving them. Them loving me. Being surrounded by love.  Those two are the only two in the world who could bring on an instant euphoric mood and state of felicity.

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Besides them, I would have to say a nice cold winter day. I love the winter.  The heat makes me grumpy. I don’t like being hot. I don’t like being sweaty. I feel like i spend most of my summer days in the shower because I feel sticky and sweaty and i don’t like when i don’t feel fresh. I can’t sleep well all summer. I toss and turn. But a nice cold winter night? I wear everything fluff. Fluffy pj pants. A baggy nightshirt. Fluffy socks. I snuggle in my million pillows with my fluffy blanket. Maybe a hot cup of coco. And i’m out like a light. I sleep the whole night. I can honestly say I look forward to winter nights  where I can just snuggle with my dog and my hubby and then fall asleep in a pile of fuzzy fluffy blankets.



Then, there is snow. I love snow.  To me, there is just something majestic when it snows. Snow immediately unlocks my inner child and sense of wonder. I feel completely giddy when it starts to snow.  Especially at night, watching it snow out the window as everything is covered in a blanket of  pure fluff. It’s so serene and peaceful. The world seems so innocent and calm. When it snows,  nothing unlocks a state felicity more.